NASA Year in Review 2012

The Year from NASA
Curiosity Lands
Commercial Space
International Space Station
Ice Sheet Loss
Hubble Discoveries
Orion Spacecraft
Silent Sonic Booms
Shuttle Retirement
Hands-On Learning
Seeing Interstellar Matter
Ice on Mercury
Popular on the Web
Farewell Pioneers
Video: The Grand Entrance
Video: NASA Lands Car-Sized Rover
Looking to the Future
Curiosity's Mission
Video: SpaceX
Commercial Crew Integrated Capability
Video: NASA's Commercial Crew Program
Orbital Antares
Video: Earth Illuminated
Living in Orbit
New Research Projects
Heat Shield for Orion
Space Launch System
Video: Critical Milestones Reached
Hubble's Greater Depth
Video: Hubble Looking Deeper and Further
Video: Ocean Currents Causing Antarctic Ice Loss
Turbulent Water Overflow
Video: "FaINT" Side of Sonic Booms
Video: NASA Spinoff Technologies
Video: NASA's Space Technology Program
Video: IRVE-3
Video: Exoskeleton
Video: Astronaut Suni Williams on Value of Education
Video: Students Reach for the Stars with
Video: Water Ice
Video: IBEX Spacecraft Observes Matter from Interstellar Space
Video: WISE Finds Few Brown Dwarfs Close to Home
The Shuttles Retire
Video: Shuttle Move
Why the World Won't End in 2012
Venus Transit
Hurricane Sandy
Video: Angry Birds
Meteor Showers
Sally Ride
On the Lunar Surface
Neil Armstrong: 1930 - 2012