45 Moments in NASA History - NASA Trivia



Q: What is NACA?
A: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

Q: What as the original name for the Landsat satellites?
A: Developed and launched by NASA between July 1972 and March1978, the original name for the Landsat was ERTS for Earth Resources Technology Satellite.

Q: Who is the only U.S. President to be present at a Shuttle Launch?
A: President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton watched John Glenn's return to Space on STS-95 on Oct 29, 1998 from the Kennedy Space Center.

Q: How many Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Systems (TDRSS) satellites are on-orbit today?
A: The TDRSS space segment consists of seven on-orbit satellites.

Q: What NASA Center built the Explorer 1, spacecraft
A: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Q: Only one Gemini capsule was given a name; which one.
A: The first capsule was called Molly Brown by Astronaut Gus Grissom.

Q: Which astronaut was the only one of the Mercury 7 astronauts to fly in all three of NASA's 'Moon Shot' programs (Mercury, Gemini and Apollo)?
A: Wally A. Schirra was the only man to fly in all three projects. Alan Shepard flew in Mercury and Apollo, but not in Gemini. Gus Grissom was involved in all three project, flying in Mercury and Gemini, but he was killed during a pre-flight simulation in his Apollo 1 capsule, so he never actually flew in the Apollo program.

Q: How fast was the Galileo spacecraft going when it enters Jupiter's atmosphere?
A: The probe was traveling 108,000 miles per hour or 30 miles per second.

Q: How long does it take for the Sun's light to reach the Earth?
A: The Sun is about 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers, away from the Earth. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, therefore it takes a little over 8 minutes for the Sun's light to reach the Earth.

Q: Who was the first American Astronaut to ride aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket?
A: Dr. Norm Thagard

Q: What was the wingspan of the solar-powered Helios spacecraft?
A: 247ft

Q: The word "Ozone" comes from what Greek word?
A: ozein, which means "smell", a reference to the chemical's odor.

Q: Which ISS Expedition crew has broke Dr. Shannon Lucid's record. for the longest single American stay in space?
A: Expedition 4 crewmembers Dan Bursch and Carl Walz hold the single spaceflight endurance record of 196 days in orbit.

Q: What was NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center originally called?
A: High-Speed Flight Research Station

Q: What launch pad did the fatal Apollo 1 fire occur on at what was then called Cape Kennedy.
A: Launch Complex 34

Q: How many of the original Mercury 7 astronauts walked on the moon?
A: Although three of the Mercury 7 flew in the Apollo program, only one, Alan Shepard, walked on the moon.

Q: How many flights did Columbia make in its lifetime?
A: 28

Q: Who was the first African-American to perform spacewalk?
A: On Feb. 9, 1995, Dr. Bernard Harris became the first African-American to walk in space.

Q: The Hubble Space Telescope is one of NASA's "Great Observatories." What are the other three?ch one of these is not: A. Landsat 7 B. Chandra X-ray Observatory C.GRO D. SIRTF
A: The Chandra X-ray Observatory (1999-present), the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (1991-2000) and the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (launched 2003).

Q: Christa McAuliffe was the first teacher in space. Who is the scheduled to be the second?
A: Barbara Morgan

Q: Senator Jake Garn (R-Utah) was a Payload Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery during STS-51-D. Who was the second elected official to fly aboard a Space Shuttle?
A: Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) was a member of Congress when he flew aboard STS-61C which flew in1986.

Q: How many spacwalks were performed during the Skylab mission?
A: 10

Q: What are Saturn's rings made of?
A: The rings are made of chunks of water ice ranging in size from dust to large houses.

Q: What is the largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built?
A: Cassini, currently on its way to Saturn.

Q: Who was the last NASA Astronaut to live aboard Mir?
A: Andy Thomas was the seventh and last U.S. Mir astronaut. He spent 141 days in orbit.

Q: What number one hit country song from 1970 was re-recorded in Russian and played in space during the Apollo- Soyuz Mission?
A: The song"Hello Darlin'" by Conway Twitty, was played in Russian all around the world.

Q: Who was the first American woman astronaut to perform a spacewalk?
A: Astronaut Kathy Sullivan, was first U.S. woman to perform a spacewalk during STS-41G.

Q: How many pictures did Mariner 4 take of Mars?
A: Mariner 4 took about 20 pictures of Mars

Q: Where were the Voyager spacecraft launched from?
A: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Q: How many flights has Endeavour flown?
A: 19

Q: What NASA center has tested fired all of the first and second stages of the Saturn V in the Apollo and Skylab programs and the Space Shuttle Main Engines?
A: The test stands at the Stennis Space Center, which was originally known as the Mississippi Test Operations, has been NASA center for all these test firings.

Q: How many days was Sojourner known to operate on the Mars Surface?
A: 86

Q: What was NASA's Langley Research Center originally called?
A: Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory

Q: How many records for an aircraft with gross weights of 12,500 lbs. or less?
A: 3

Q: How did the Mercury capsules get their name?
A: Each astronaut named his capsule and added the numeral 7 to denote the teamwork of the original astronauts.

Q: What former NASA administrator was a back up crewmember for the first Space Shuttle mission?
A: Richard H. Truly