Facts and Figures

HDU Fact Sheet

Get the facts about NASA's Deep Space Habitat prototype.

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Field Testing

The Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU) in the field at Desert RATS
Technology Demonstrations

Learn about the space habitat configuration and technologies demonstrated in the field.

› 2011 Field Testing
› 2010 Field Testing

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Meet the Project Team

Habitat Demonstration Unit team in the desert

Team members from NASA centers across the country are designing, building, and testing next-generation habitats for space exploration.

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X-Hab Challenge

X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge logo
A university-level competition designed to engage and retain students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

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Deep Space Habitat News and Features

Dr. Matthew Mickens measures radish plants.

LEDs Used in Plant Growth Experiments

A group of plant biologists is seeking the answers as it works on one of NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems Habitation Projects.

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Multi Purpose Logistics Module mockup, prior to delivery to Building 4649.

Constructing Models Of A Next-Generation Space Habitat

The Deep Space Habitat project team is building mockups of next-generation space habitats for testing at Marshall Space Flight Center.

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Photos of habitat components developed by the X-Hab finalist teams, clockwise from the upper right: University of Maryland - College Park, University of Bridgeport, Oklahoma State University, and Ohio State University.

2012 X-Hab Innovation Challenge Progress Update

Update on the progress of university teams competing in a challenge to design components of NASA's deep space habitat.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison's X-Hab Challenge team speaks with judges, and the X-Hab loft is lifted to the top of the Habitat Demonstration Unit.

NASA Calls for Student-Designed Space Habitat Proposals

The X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge invites students to design, manufacture and test systems for use on NASA's deep space habitat prototype.

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Habitat Demonstration Unit 3-D Model

Deep Space Habitat 3-D Model

Take a virtual tour of NASA's next-generation deep space habitat with this 3-D CAD model.

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About NASA's Deep Space Habitat

    Close-up of HDU Pressurized Excursion Module (PEM)

    The Habitat Demonstration Unit prototype during 2010 field testing, with a Pressurized Excursion Module. A Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) can be seen in the background. Photo credit: NASA

    HDU docked with Space Exploration Vehicle

    A space habitat prototype docked with a Space Exploration Vehicle. Photo credit: NASA

    The Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) Habitation Systems project charter is to define and mature a Deep Space Habitat element that will enable human exploration to multiple destinations; to focus and infuse Hab-related exploration technologies; and to transition Hab-related AES products into concept demonstrators for integrated systems and mission testing using rapid prototype strategies.

    The Habitation Systems Project is a unique project from a multi-center team of NASA architects, scientists and engineers, working together to develop sustainable living quarters, workspaces, and laboratories for next-generation space missions.

    The knowledge gained from low-Earth orbit projects, such as the International Space Station, and Earth-based analog research from the Desert Research and Technologies Studies (Desert RATS) field test is being used in this project to find out what is required to expand human presence to more formidable environments, like an asteroid, Lagrange points, the moon or Mars.

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    Get the latest news on NASA's Deep Space Habitat including updates from Mission Operations Tests at Johnson Space Center.

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