SLS Industry Day at Michoud Assembly Facility
SLS Industry Day at Michoud Assembly Facility

Todd May, Space Launch System Program manager, updates the progress of the rocket program to business representatives during "SLS Industry Day at MAF" on Oct. 24 at the Michoud Assembly Facility. More than 170 people attended, representing 90 companies across 19 states. Other NASA personnel pictured here giving SLS updates included Chris Crumbly, SLS Advanced Development manager; Mike Kynard, SLS Engines manager; and Tony Lavoie, SLS Stages manager. Attendees also got an overview of MAF capabilities and construction of facilities, SLS acquisition, the Orion spacecraft, Marshall Space Flight Center partnerships and Stennis Space Center capabilities. With 43 acres under one roof, the Michoud facility has a rich history in spaceflight manufacturing, from the Saturn V to the external tanks of the Space Shuttle Program. The Michoud workforce begins the next chapter of human spaceflight support by building the Orion composites and the Core stage of the Space Launch System. The SLS Program and the Michoud Assembly Facility are managed at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Image credit: NASA/MAF

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