NASA's J-2X Rocket Engine Development

A-3 Test Stand

A3 test Stand at Stennis Space CenterThe A-3 construction site is a busy place as work continues on the test stand that will allow rocket engine testing at simulated high altitudes up to 100,000 feet.
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J-2 Engine

Image of J2 engineA look back at the original J-2 engine development, from the historical 1968 fact sheet.
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Latest J-2X Engine News and Features

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Overview: J-2X Engine

J-2X is a highly efficient and versatile advanced rocket engine with the ideal thrust and performance characteristics to power the upper stage of NASA's Space Launch System, a new heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of missions beyond low-Earth orbit. Fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, the J-2X builds on heritage designs but relies on nearly a half-century of NASA spaceflight experience and technological and manufacturing advances to deliver up to 294,000 pounds of thrust, powering exploration to new destinations in our solar system.

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Image of J-2X engine showing water and sunlight
View the latest images of J-2X engine development and testing.
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