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  • Orion Ground Test Vehicle

    Orion Undergoes Pyro Bolt Test

    05.30.13 - Lockheed Martin engineers and technicians recently completed a series of pyrotechnic bolt tests on the Orion ground test vehicle.

  • Mobile launcher

    Mobile Launcher Readied for SLS

    05.15.13 - Upgraded mobile launcher will carry the Space Launch System heavy-lift vehicle to the launch pad.

  • Orion in Test Stand

    Orion Undergoes Testing

    05.06.13 - The Orion crew module is being put through a series of tests that simulate the loads the spacecraft would experience during its mission.

  • Pad B Testing

    Repairs Begin at Launch Pad 39B

    05.03.13 - Repairs to the panels on the surface of Launch Pad 39B and the catacomb roof below is helping pave the way for NASA's newest rocket, the Space Launch System.

  • Orion in O&C

    Final Orion Reaction Control System Pod Arrives

    05.03.13 - The last of eight reaction control system pods for NASA’s Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 arrived this week at Kennedy Space Center’s Operations and Checkout Building.

  • bob_cabana_speaking

    Astronauts to Explore an Asteroid

    04.16.13 - As NASA marked the anniversary of the president's exploration vision, news media were updated on the Orion spacecraft that could take astronauts to an asteroid.

  • Recent work on crawler-transporter-2 includes preparations to install upgraded roller bearing assemblies, circled in blue in this image.

    Crawler-Transporter Receives New Roller Bearing Assemblies

    04.01.13 - For more than a year, NASA's crawler-transporter 2 has been undergoing a major tuneup in the Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building.

  • EFT-1 launch abort motor

    Safety Component Arrives for Orion Flight Test

    03.25.13 - A critical segment of Orion's Launch Abort System, the launch abort motor, recently arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for Exploration Flight Test (EFT)-1.

  • Launch Pad 39B Elevator

    Launch Pad of the Future Takes Shape

    03.20.13 - The launch pad of the future is taking shape at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where the agency’s Space Launch System will liftoff with the Orion spacecraft sending humans to new destinations.

  • Concept art of Orion during EFT-1.

    NASA On Course to Launch Orion Flight Test

    02.28.13 - The first spacecraft NASA has designed to fly astronauts beyond Earth orbit since the Apollo era is well on its way to making a flight test next year, agency officials said Wednesday.

  • The Launch Abort System replica lifted in VAB

    Crews Rehearse LAS Stacking with Orion

    2.27.13 - Engineers, crane operators and technicians practiced the careful maneuvers that will be required to stack a Launch Abort System onto an Orion spacecraft.

  • Crawlerway and Tractor

    Upgrades Will Prepare Crawlerway

    02.22.13 - Several sections of the crawlerway that lead from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pads at NASA's Kennedy Space Center are getting a facelift in preparation for the new Space Launch System rocket.

  • Wind Radar Field

    New Doppler Radar Wind Profiler Installed

    2.12.13 - NASA is replacing decades-old wind measurement equipment with upgraded Doppler radar near the Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility.

  • The Orion Exploration Flight Test 1 crew module undergoes proof pressure testing.

    Orion Teamwork Pays Off

    01.14.13 - NASA's Orion spacecraft moves toward milestones through cooperation.

  • Towing in Orion

    New Procedures Developed for Orion Recovery

    12.21.12 - Many design and technological upgrades have been added for recovery of the new Orion spacecraft by NASA teams at the Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers.

  • Mobile Launcher on Pad

    Review Assesses Future Infrastructure Needs

    12.12.12 - NASA's Ground Systems Development and Operations Program recently completed an important System Requirements Review/System Definition Review in planning for future operations at the Kennedy Space Center.

  • An overhead crane in the RPSF lifts NASA locomotive No. 3 off of its trucks

    NASA Locomotives Upgraded in Shuttle-Era Facility

    12.03.12 - A NASA Railroad locomotive receives a major upgrade at a Space Shuttle Program-era facility at Kennedy Space Center.

  • Crawler at Pad

    Modified Crawler-Transporter Tested

    11.14.12 - Crawler-transporter 2 recently went for a test drive that proved modifications performed over the past year are working as planned.

  • Orion Seal

    Crew Access Arm Seal Tested for Orion

    11.27.12 - Preparations for the launch of the Orion spacecraft recently took an important step forward with successful testing of a prototype seal for the launch tower's crew access arm.

  • Space shuttle Atlantis, and Orion and Dragon mock-ups

    Humanity's Drive to Explore Keeps Rolling

    11.16.12 - The spirit to live and work in low-Earth orbit and explore well beyond where we've ventured before is alive as NASA forges ahead with three major human spaceflight endeavors.