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Research Information Overview

Research Information

The ongoing studies carried out by NASA’s Human Research Program generate a constant stream of exciting new data, findings, and breakthroughs that are of interest to both researchers and the general public. To find out about the experiments that are being conducted at facilities around the globe and to learn more about the latest discoveries, use the links below to explore specific elements and analogs.

Research Information

Behavioral Health and Performance Risk Management

NASA’s Human Research Program is responsible for the oversight and coordination of a wide range of ongoing studies, experiments, and projects. HRP research and research management activities are ...
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Astronauts Prepare for Simulations

NASA’s Human Research Program scientists and engineers work to identify, understand, and lessen the risks that humans encounter in space. However, the process of carrying out these studies can be ...
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Human Research Program Documents

An astronaut prepares to insert a sample container into the Minus Eighty Degree Laboratory Freezer.

HRP Documents
The Human Research Program (HRP) maintains program documentation that set requirements and guidelines for the program and researchers working with the HRP.
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Scientists in the Pharmacotherapeutics Lab working on medications.

Research Opportunities
The Human Research Program ongoing research opportunities and projects continue to generate new data, findings, and breakthroughs in human health and safety for spaceflight missions.
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Photo of exercise test subjects floating on a zero-g parabolic plane flight.

NASA Research Announcements
NASA periodically solicits proposals for specific NASA Research Announcements (NRA).
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Human Research Program

About HRP
The Human Research Program conducts research and develops technologies that allow humans to travel safely and productively in the environment of space.
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HRP Manager
William Paloski

Contact Information
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Johnson Space Center
Human Research Program
Mail Code: SA2
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058

Human Research Roadmap
The Integrated Research Plan (IRP) describes the portfolio of HRP research and technology tasks. A web-based version of the IRP is accessible via the Human Research Roadmap.

Requesting Medical Data
NASA’s human life sciences data can assist the research community in providing a better understanding of the appropriate strategies required to mitigate spaceflight-related health risks.
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