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18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium
November 19, 2010

18th Annual IAA Humans in Space Symposium

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium to be held at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas from 11-15 April 2011, under the sponsorship of NASA, the University of Houston, the Universities Space Research Association, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, the University of Texas Medical Branch, and Wyle Integrated Science and Engineering.

The theme of the symposium is "Integration and Cooperation in the Next Golden Age of Human Space Flight". The program will emphasize the search for synergies between the traditional biomedical disciplines to provide new insights for the next generation of investigators, spacecraft designers, mission planners and space explorers.

An important difference from previous symposia will be a focus on integration and cooperation among the disciplines at the symposium through the expanded use of poster sessions, allowing ample time for thoughtful discussions with experts in other subject areas. Plenaries and panel sessions will be dedicated to cross-disciplinary presentations that will excite new interpretations of familiar data, for in-depth discussion later in the poster sessions.

The preliminary program, logistics, and registration information may be found on the symposium website at www.dsls.usra.edu/meetings/IAA

Youth Art Competition. Of special note; the deadline for the International Humans in Space Symposium Youth Art Competition has been extended to 3 December 2010.

Satellite Meetings. We are happy to announce the Eighth Symposium On The Role Of the Vestibular Organs In Space Exploration to be held 8-10 April 2011 at the Sheraton Suites Galleria. A link to this satellite symposium can be found at the 18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium website. If you are scheduling a space life sciences related satellite meeting in conjunction with this symposium, we will be glad to post a link to your meeting website. Please contact us at: 18th-IAA-HIS@dsls.usra.edu

We hope to see you there.

** UPDATE **    Deadlines are fast approaching!

December 3, 2010
Abstract Submission Deadline
Youth Art Competition Submission Deadline

January 17, 2011
Notification of Abstract Selection

February 11, 2011
Early Registration Deadline

March 11, 2011
Exhibitor Booth Reservation, Payment and Vendor Profile Deadline   – Limited space still available –
Final Program Published On-Line
Registration and Hotel Deadline

To find out more, visit: › www.dsls.usra.edu/meetings/IAA

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