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Science Management Office
March 11, 2014

The Science Management Office plans, coordinates, and oversees all HRP research and development projects. Based on NASA's current needs, Science Management Office personnel assess the research areas of greatest importance and prioritize resources and research teams accordingly, ensuring integration and unity of purpose across projects and facilities.

In addition to coordinating research activities within the Human Research Program, the Science Management Office also works to cultivate strategic research partnerships with other domestic and international agencies.


HRP 2014 Artificial Gravity Workshop

HRP conducted the International Workshop on Research and Operational Considerations for Artificial Gravity (AG) Countermeasures at Ames Research Center on 19-20 February. As space agencies plan the next generation of human space exploration missions to destinations beyond the Earth-Moon system, it is incumbent on mission designers to review the technologies and habitats necessary to maintain optimal health, safety, and performance of the crewmembers designated to carry out those missions. This two-day workshop brought together knowledgeable space physiologists, crew surgeons, astronauts, vehicle designers, and mission planners to review, evaluate, and discuss the need for incorporating artificial gravity technologies into the vehicle design. There were discussions on the possible formation of an International Artificial Gravity Working Group (IAGWG) to support an integrated international approach.

Download all AG workshop presentations as PDFs - ZIP file


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Program Manager William Paloski speaks at the Workshop
HRP Program Manager William Paloski speaks at the 2014 Artificial Gravity Workshop
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