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International Space Station Medical Projects
February 6, 2013

International Space Station

The International Space Station Medical Projects (ISSMP) Element provides planning, integration, and implementation services for HRP research tasks. The objectives of the ISSMP are to maximize the utilization of the ISS for research to assess the effects of long-duration spaceflight on human systems, to develop and verify strategies to ensure optimal crew performance, and to enable development and validation of an integrated suite of physical, pharmacologic, and nutritional countermeasures to protect the health and performance of crewmembers.

The ISSMP develops efficient plans for conducting human research performed on the ISS to ensure the maximum science return with the available resources. ISSMP provides integration support for experiments, including the testing, certification, and delivery of flight hardware to ISS resupply vehicles including the Russian Soyuz and Progress vehicles, the European Space Agency (ESA) Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV), the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) H-Transfer Vehicle (HTV), and commercial launch vehicles. The ISSMP supports research investigators by implementing the science objectives and offering services such as developing crew procedures and providing training, monitoring real-time on-orbit operations, and facilitating data transfer to the principal investigators. The ISSMP team also coordinates with the ISS International Partners to develop mission-specific science complements, and negotiates inter-agency schedules, usage agreements, and international crewmember subject participation. Additional ISSMP services include the Telescience Support Center (TSC), which provides a focal point for real-time ISSMP research operations and a distribution point for remote investigators to monitor their experiments and acquire telemetry data. The TSC provides investigators and ground teams with ISS space-to-ground communication capabilities that allow the relaying of commands and software uplinks for all ISSMP in-flight operations. The TSC serves as a gateway to securely distribute ISS digital data and video over virtual private networks to support ISSMP science and engineering communities.

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