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Exploration Medical Capability
February 6, 2013

Large EMC Facility

Human exploration of the Moon, Mars and other destinations beyond Earth orbit will present significant new challenges to crew health. During exploration missions, the crew will need medical capabilities to diagnose and treat injury or disease. Providing capabilities that overcome these challenges requires new health care systems, procedures, and technologies to ensure the safety and success of exploration missions. The Exploration Medical Capabilities (ExMC) Element develops medical technologies for in-flight diagnosis and treatment as well as data systems to protect patients’ private medical data, aid in the diagnosis of medical conditions, and act as repositories of information about relevant NASA life science experiments.

ExMC physicians and scientists develop models to quantify the probability of medical events occurring during a mission. They also define procedures to treat an ill or injured crewmember without access to an emergency room and with limited communications with ground-based personnel for consultation and diagnostic assistance .

NASA Human Research Wiki

The Exploration Medical Capability Element recently established the NASA Human Research Wiki, which is an online collaborative environment, developed to enable authors internal and external to NASA to update the evidence base for medical conditions which are of concern for space flight. Information included on this website includes medical condition pages which when fully populated will include data on 85 medical conditions that could occur during space flight, and gap reports which outline existing gaps in either knowledge or technology that need to be addressed in order to enable safer exploration missions. The Wiki is located at http://humanresearchwiki.jsc.nasa.gov.



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