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Why We Explore

why do we explore?
Why Do We Explore?
From the time of our birth, humans have felt a primordial urge to explore -- to blaze new trails, map new lands, and answer profound questions about ourselves and our universe. › View Site

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HRP Engagement and Communications Overview

Workshop, Outreach session

While NASA’s Human Research Program studies the functions of the human body in space, our research can also inform and inspire the next generation of space flight researchers and engineers. Sharing what we have learned with the public is an important part of HRP’s mission, and we are dedicated to making the knowledge our scientists and engineers have accumulated as accessible and easy to understand as possible.

Whether you are a student completing an assignment for school, an educator who wants to bring real-world examples into the classroom, or just an insatiably curious science buff, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

Engagement and Communications Initiatives

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Student Opportunities

Space Life Sciences Ph.D. Track
NASA's Human Research Program has collaborated with the University of Houston's College of Education to offer a doctoral track in the Space Life Sciences. The track features courses focusing on space physiology and research using ground-based spaceflight models, and students learn first-hand about specific space life science topics from scientists who are conducting state-of-the-art research with NASA.
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Space Life Sciences Summer Institute
Students are invited participate in the Space Life Sciences Summer Institute (SLSSI), the purpose of which is to offer a unique learning environment that focuses on current biomedical issues associated with human spaceflight in support of space exploration.
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Student Employment (JSC)
There are numerous student employment opportunities at JSC in our life sciences programs, beginning with high school all the way through working for advanced degrees.
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Exploration Interactives

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