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why do we explore?
Why Do We Explore?
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Areas of Study - Technology

Areas of study - TechnologyHuman Research Program (HRP) scientists and engineers work to identify and understand the challenges that humans face in the space environment. Based on these findings, the HRP seeks to develop the technologies, equipment, and countermeasures needed to make space flight and future exploration safe and productive.

While many of the basic technologies that are used to protect and support crewmembers are well established, current research has begun to focus on future technologies that will be necessary to facilitate extended space exploration and habitation. Primary areas of technology study for the HRP include exercise, food and nutrition, and exploration medical capability.

Science and technology helped make the once-impossible feat of human space travel a reality. Today, HRP scientists and engineers continue to hone and refine the technology that keeps astronauts who are working in space safe and healthy. Ongoing experiments determine how factors like nutrition, exercise, food storage, and space medicine can be used to improve human performance and productivity in the environment of space.


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