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Astronaut Barbara Morgan observes a student working on a computer Visit the NASA Education website. You'll discover a wealth of information including a list of current opportunities; education related feature stories; and contact information for project representatives.
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Robotic Exploration Rover

Screenshot from rover gameTest your programming skills and move the robot around the obstacles. Image Credit: NASA NASA tests robots for exploration in areas called analogs. Analogs are places where the environment is similar to locations like Mars or the moon, where a robot may be used. One NASA analog is in the Arizona desert. NASA robotics experts conduct field tests in the desert to assess new ideas for rovers, spacewalks and ground support. Some of these tests are conducted by a team called Desert RATS, which stands for Desert Research And Technology Studies.

What is it like to be part of a team that designs and tests robots? Find out and test your programming skills with "ROVER". Guide the robot over an analog of 12 terrain grids without consuming all of his battery power. Watch out for obstacles!

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Mars Curiosity Rover

Artist's drawing of the Curiosity rover on MarsThe Curiosity rover will spend two years looking for signs of life on the Red Planet. Image Credit: NASA Curiosity is not your ordinary rover. It's bigger than a small car. The rover comes equipped "standard" with six-wheel rocker-bogie suspension and multiple camera systems, and its power supply doesn't rely on solar panels. Curiosity uses a radioisotope power generator so that it can roam longer and farther, traveling to more interesting places than previous missions. It has an expansive suite of science instruments named Sample Analysis at Mars, designed to analyze samples of material collected and delivered by the rover's arm.

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Video Gallery

International Space Station
Robotics on the International
Space Station
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Lunar Electric Rover
Desert RATS Testing
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A lunabotics robot
Lunabotics 2012
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A student working with a robot
Robotics Competitions
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