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NASA Space Technology Research Fellows—2013 Class
January 21, 2014

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Student Host Univeristy Research Topic
Ali, Hisham Georgia Institute of Technology
Sustainable In Space Manufacturing Through Rapid Prototyping Technology
Atkinson, Dani University of Hawaii
Noiseless Near-Infrared Photon Counting Avalanche Photodiode Detectors
Baker, Electa Vanderbilt University
A Standard of Visualization Abstraction for Human-Robot Interfaces
Barlis, Alyssa University of Pennsylvania
Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Far-Infrared Spectroscopy
Bottom, Michael California Institute of Technology
Calibration Systems and Techniques for Extreme-Precision Doppler Velocimetry
Brassitos, Elias Northeastern University
Compact Drive System for Planetary Rovers and Space Manipulators
Brink, Joseph University of Utah
Modular Magnetic Mobile Manipulators for Microgravity Environments
Brune, Andrew Missouri University of Science and Technology
Uncertainty Quantification Applied to the Analysis and Design of Hypersonic Inflatable Atmospheric Decelerators for Spacecraft Re-entry
Burgett, Drew University of South Florida
Leveraging the Radiation-Resistance and Power Efficiency of Nano-Magnetic Logic to Develop More Affordable, Efficient, and Reliable Space Technologies
Burgoyne, Hayden California Institute of Technology
Granular Metamaterials and Periodic Structures for Protection from High-Velocity Impacts
Cardenas, Jessica New Jersey Institute of Technology
hMSCs Cultured on Plant-Derived Tissue Engineering Extracellular Matrix in a Microgravity Environment
Cellucci, Daniel Cornell University
Reel-to-Reel Digital Manufacturing of Robotic Systems
Chap, Andrew University of Maryland
A Parallel Boltzmann Simulation for Multi-grid Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion
Chapin, Caitlin Stanford University
Micro-Scale Gallium Nitride Pressure Sensors for Advanced Harsh Environment Space Technology
Cheney, Nicholas Cornell University
Design Automation Algorithm for Soft Robots
Chodas, Mark Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Modeling the Feedback from Design to Requirements in SysML
Christenson, Dylan Texas Tech University
Characterization and Modeling of Fundamental Parameters of a Membrane-Aerated Biological Reactor
Conversano, Ryan University of California, Los Angeles
Long Life Miniature Hall Thruster Enabling Low Cost Human Precursor Missions
Conway, Dylan Texas A&M University
Proximity Navigation Near and Mapping of Asteroids
Copeland-Johnson, Trishelle University of Delaware
Development of Perovskite-Based Photovoltaic Cells for Extraterrestrial Energy Generation
Cunningham, Christopher Carnegie Mellon University
Resource-Aware Navigation for Shadowed and Uncertain Environments
Dragnea, Horatiu University of Michigan
Unsteady Computation of the Plasma of Nested-Channel Hall Thrusters
Fiedler, Kevin California Institute of Technology
MicroAngelo: 3D Nanostructure Fabrication by Manipulation of Surface Forces
Galvan, Raquel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Augmentation of Sensorimotor Adaptability using Stochastic Resonance Technologies
Gorham, Caroline University of Virginia
Optimizing Materials for Energy Harvesting on Interplanetary Return Missions
Guin, Will University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Characterization of Reinforced Structural Composites with Carbon Nanotubes Grown Directly on the Fibers/Fabrics using the PopTube Approach
Haase, John University of Notre Dame
Using Carbon-Based Nanomaterials and Microscale Geometry for Enhanced Thermionic Energy Conversion in Space Applications
Hardin, Thomas Brigham Young University
Metallic Crystal Defects and Irregular Geometries
Harness, Anthony University of Colorado, Boulder
Visual Positioning System for the Formation Flying of Suborbital Vehicles and Spacecraft
Hogstrom, Kristina California Institute of Technology
MINERVA: Using Small, Fully Robotic Telescopes to Search for Habitable-Zone Exoplanets
Jamieson, Heather Arizona State University
Nanosized Linde Type A Zeolites Providing Water-Selective Transport Pathways Through Chlorine Tolerant Polymers in Molecular Sieve Nanocomposite (MoSIN) Membranes for Reclamation of Impaired Waters
King, Jennifer Carnegie Mellon University
Reconfiguring Worlds with Simple Actuation via Physics-based Nonprehensile Actions
Kingsbury, Ryan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reusable Communication Infrastructure for Small Satellites
Kleppe, Nathan Iowa State University
Development of New Dielectric NDE Techniques for Spaceflight Materials
Koopman, Brian Cornell University
Development of Optics and Detectors for Advanced CMB Polarization Measurements
Koval, Michael Carnegie Mellon University
Autonomous Task Primitives for Complex Manipulation Operations
Leonard, Jason University of Colorado, Boulder
Autonomous Navigation using LiAISON in the Earth-Moon System
Littlefield, Zakary Rutgers University
Robust Path Planning for Space Exploration Rovers
Long, Alexandra Georgia Institute of Technology
Deployable Drag Device for Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Deorbit
Luna, Ryan William Marsh Rice University
Planning the Motion of a Robotic Assistant for Space Applications
McBryde, Christopher University of Texas at Austin
Vision Based Object Detection and Navigation for Spacecraft
Merkley, Daniel Utah State University
Development and Testing of a Green Monopropellant Ignition System
Merriam, Ezekiel Brigham Young University
Monolithic Compliant Space Mechanisms Design Strategies
Miller, Derek The Ohio State University
Structural Modifications of Continuous Aerogel Films for Low-power, High Performance Sensing Capabilities
Miller, Matthew Georgia Institute of Technology
Decision Support Tool Development for Human Extraterrestrial Extravehicular Activity
Moore, Christopher University of Colorado, Boulder
Development of High-Reflectivity Optical Coatings for the Vacuum Ultraviolet and Verification on a Sounding Rocket Flight
Newman, Kevin University of Arizona
Achromatic Phase Shifting Mask for High Performance PIAA Coronagraphy
Nielson, Karen Purdue University
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of High Thermal Conductivity Synthetic Spider Silk for Thermal Management in Space
Noevere, August Georgia Institute of Technology
Improving the Fidelity of Structural Analysis and Sizing in Multi-Disciplinary Design of Space Systems
Novak, Markus The Ohio State University
Miniature, Conformal and Spectrally Agile Ultra Wideband Phased Array Antenna for Communication and Sensing
Ogunleye, Olutobi Georgia Institute of Technology
Low-T, Low-Q Cryocoolers for Science Instruments
Peters, Christopher Princeton University
Flow Quality Analysis of Shape Morphing Structures for Hypersonic Ground Testing Applications
Raymond, Alexander Harvard University
A LIBS Boroscope for Evaluation of Mars Sample Return Core Candidates
Rieger, Samantha University of Colorado, Boulder
Stability Analysis of Spacecraft Motion in the Vicinity of Asteroids
Ritz, Ethan Cornell University
Developing Structure Compilers for Multi-Material 3D Printing
Rose, Chad William Marsh Rice University
Novel Control Techniques for Hand and Wrist Robotic Rehabilitation
Sainath, Kamalesh The Ohio State University
Modeling Sub-500MHz Space-Borne Radar Signal Propagation in Complex Media
Sanehira, Erin University of Washington
Flexible, Lightweight, Quantum Dot Solar Cells Using Plasmonic-Enhanced Light Absorption
Sauerbrunn, Liz University of Maryland
Self-Sensing Thermal Management System Using Multifunctional Nano-Enhanced Structures
Schreiner, Sam Massachusetts Institute of Technology
In Situ Resource Utilization in Support of Manned Space Exploration
Szypryt, Paul University of California, Santa Barbara
Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Development
Terhune, Kurt Michigan Technological University
Mass Measurements of a Ionic Liquid Ferrofluid Electrospray
Uckert, Kyle New Mexico State University
Optimizing a Two-Step Laser Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for In Situ Astrobiology Investigations
Warren, Justin Mississippi State University
Experimentation and Modeling of Hypervelocity Impacts of Spacecraft MMOD Shielding with Incorporated Shear Thickening Fluid
Yosinski, Jason Cornell University
Scalable Unsupervised Learning for Unmanned Exploration


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