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NASA 2012 Space Technology Research Opportunities for Early Stage Innovations
January 19, 2014

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Principal Investigator University Research Topic
Adams, James University of Alabama in Huntsville Advanced Scintillating Fiber Technology in High Energy Neutron Spectrometers for Exploration
Borak, Thomas Colorado State University Computational Approaches for Developing Active Radiation Dosimeters for Space Applications Based on New Paradigms for Risk Assessment
Ghiaasiaan, Seyed Georgia Institute of Technology Design and Development of a Next Generation High Capacity, Light Weight, 20 K Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Active Thermal Control on Future Space Exploration Missions
Guyon, Olivier University of Arizona Wavefront Control for High Performance Coronagraphy on Segmented and Centrally Obscured Telescopes
Ignatiev, Alex University of Houston High Hydrogen Content Nanostructured Polymer Radiation Protection System
Kamotani, Yasuhiro Case Western Reserve University Heat Rejection System for Thermal Management in Space Utilizing a Planar Variable-Conductance Heat Pipe
Mudawar, Issam Purdue University Adaptable Single Active Loop Thermal Control System (TCS) for Future Space Missions
Narayanan, Vinod Oregon State University Enabling Self-Propelled Condensate Flow During Phase-Change Heat Rejection Using Surface Texturing
Schwadron, Nathan University of New Hampshire Small Active Readout Device for Dose Spectra from Energetic Particles and Neutrons (Dosen)
Trolier-McKinstry, Susan Pennsylvania State University Integrated Control Electronics for Adjustable X-Ray Optics


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