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Small Active Readout Device for Dose Spectra from Energetic Particles and Neutrons (Dosen)
Nathan Schwadron
University of New Hampshire

DoSEN is an early-stage space technology research project with the sole objective of developing the concept and demonstrating the proof-of-principle of a space radiation instrument possessing unprecedented performance capabilities while requiring only minimal resources (mass, volume, power, cost). DoSEN combines two advanced complementary radiation detection concepts that present fundamental advantages over traditional radiation detectors, but requires proof-of-concept so that DoSEN may be readily implemented on future missions. DoSEN not only measures the energy but also the charge distribution (including neutrons) of energetic particles that affect human (and robotic) health in a way not presently possible with current radiation instruments. Thus, DoSEN lays the foundation for a new generation of radiation instruments for the next phase of NASA’s human and robotic exploration.

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