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NASA Space Technology Research Opportunities for Early Career Faculty
January 18, 2014

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Principal Investigator University Research Topic
Chang, Chih-Hao North Carolina State University Ultralight Nanolattices with Co-Optimized Mechanical, Thermal, and Optical Properties
Correll, Nicolaus University of Colorado Boulder Autonomous Food Production
Greer, Julia R. California Institute of Technology Development of Lightweight, Radiation- and Damage-Tolerant Micro-trusses
Lind, Mary Laura Arizona State University Development of Corrosion-resistant Molecular Sieve Inclusion Nanocomposite (MoSIN) Membranes to Recover Water from Urine Through Osmotic Processes
Manuel, Michele University of Florida Self-repair and Damage Mitigation of Metallic Structures
Munday, Jeremy University of Maryland Radiation Pressure on Tunable Optical Metamaterials for Propulsion and Steering Without Moving Parts
Pavone, Marco Stanford University Algorithmic Foundations for Real-Time and Dependable Spacecraft Motion Planning
Rais-Zadeh, Mina University of Michigan Chip-Scale Precision Timing Unit for PicoSatellites
Senesky, Debbie Stanford University III-V Microsystems Components for Positioning, Navigation and Timing in Extreme Harsh Environments
Shih, Wei-Chuan University of Houston Microfluidic label-free sensing for rapid multiplexed pathogen detection in space missions


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