Strategic Integration and Analysis

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Strategic Integration and Analysis

The crosscutting technology innovation and development within Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) are performed through nine Programs. Coordinating and integrating these various technology development efforts within STMD to ensure an effective and balanced response to meet our Strategic Goals, Outcomes and Objectives is a direct responsibility of the Strategic Integration and Analysis (SI) Office within STMD. In addition, the SI Office also carries out coordination and collaboration of technology investments between STMD and the mission-focused investments managed by other NASA mission directorates, as well as those of other government agencies.

The SI Office:

• Performs strategic technology integration;

• Works towards changing culture to promote creativity and innovation at NASA Centers, particularly in regard to workforce development; and

• Documents, demonstrates, and communicates societal impact of STMD technology investments to the Agency and the public.

There are several necessary elements for STMD to successfully conduct this technology integration and coordination. These include but are not limited to:

Technology Strategic Coordination and Planning: Coordinate across the nine STMD technology developments at the strategic level, defining roles and responsibilities and ensuring an overall execution plan from technology inception through mission infusion. Coordinate and codify the technology development processes for all the programs through various documents (e.g., STMD Portfolio Plan, Program Plans, Program Commitment Agreements, etc.)

Commitments and Agreements: Ensure synergies across the technology plans of the other mission directorates, NASA Centers, and other government agencies to avoid capability overlaps and minimize gaps.

Portfolio Tracking: Define and manage an STMD-level process to capture and track the technology development portfolio.

Technology Studies: Perform necessary assessments, trade studies, and special studies for key technology areas and investment strategies.

Reporting: Document STMD strategic technology performance and planning information in quarterly and annual reports.

Solicitations and Reviews: Review and manage the STMD Space Technology Program solicitations, and oversee and coordinate the review process for all programs and their projects at the Directorate Program Management Council and Agency Baseline Review.

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