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An Introduction to the HELIOS Technology Challenge Pilot Program

    Graphic shows the sun with a gear line drawing overlay. As NASA renews its commitment to deep space exploration, new ways must be sought out to make the process of developing required technologies more cost-effective. Recognizing the valuable problem solving potential that exists in the American public, the HELIOS Technology Challenge Pilot Program was created in 2012 by a small group of NASA employees as an experiment in collaboration. HELIOS stands for Hardware Engineering Launchpad Inspired by Open Source. The principal goal of this low-cost, no-frills project is to promote cost-effective innovation and collaboration with the public in the development of open source-friendly, early stage concept-type technology.

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Inaugural HELIOS Technology Challenge

    Image of 3D printed parts The inaugural HELIOS Technology Challenge is titled HTC-01 Cost-Effective Additive Manufacturing in Space and has three major objectives: the development of cost-effective and innovative ways of recycling in-space consumables, such as astronaut food packaging, into 3D printing media; the solving of particular hardware design challenges associated with performing rapid prototyping in a 0g environment; and the development of in-space applications for additive manufacturing in space.

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