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January 30, 2011
ISS On-Orbit Status 01/30/11

All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below. Sunday – Crew rest day. Ahead: Week 11 of Increment 26.

  • Sleep cycle shift: To accommodate this last night’s docking of the new cargo ship Progress 41P, crew wake/sleep cycle changes are in effect, featuring today a very long “sleep” period from 3:30am this morning to 1:00am tomorrow, 1/31, i.e., returning to “normal”).

Yest kasaniye! At 9:39pm EST last night, Progress M-09M/41P (#409) docked successfully to the DC1 (Docking Compartment) nadir port under precise automatic Kurs control. [Kurs antenna retraction was nominal. Kasaniya (contact) was followed by a final DPO post-contact thrusting burn, docking probe retraction and Sborka (hook closure, ~9:59pm) after motion damp-out while the ISS was in free drift for 20 min (9:39pm-9:59pm). At “hooks closed” signal, the SM returned to active attitude control, maneuvering the ISS to LVLH TEA (local vertical/local horizontal Torque Equilibrium Attitude). Control authority returned to US Momentum Management at ~10:40pm. Next were the standard 1-hr leak checking, opening of the hatches (~1:30am) and installation of the QD (quick disconnect) screw clamps (BZV) of the docking & internal transfer mechanism (SSVP) to rigidize the coupling, followed by the standard air sampling inside Progress with the Russian AK-1M air sampler, powering down the spacecraft and installing the ventilation/heating air duct, taking photographs of the internal docking surfaces for subsequent downlinking, and dismantling the docking mechanism (StM, Stykovochnovo mekhanizma) between the cargo ship and the DC1.]

Conjunction Alert: Flight controllers are following a conjunction with object 37117 (COSMOS 2252 Debris) for the past 24 hours. Tracking on the object is sparse and USSTRATCOM has increased tasking. The small radial miss distance of the object (0.115 km) warrants close monitoring and could lead to DAM (Debris Avoidance Maneuver) planning. 41P docking perturbations were in the noise of tracking uncertainties and thus did not have an impact on the situation. The TCA (Time of Closest Approach) of the conjunction is during EP (Experiment Platform) robotics operation scheduled Tuesday, 2/1, morning. The standard template of performing the DAM as close to the TCA as possible (thus buying time to cancel if not required) would place the TIG (Time of Ignition) at 3:14am EST on 2/1, which is during a period of ACS (Attitude Control System) thruster being disabled. Initial coordination with FCT (Flight Control Team) led to an acceleration of the TIG by 3 orbits to allow the robotics operations to continue as planned. It is assumed the decision points for PPCR and Cyclogram Go/No Go Development need to be accelerated as well. An ISS reboost of 0.6 m/s is planned on 2/9 to set up FD3 (Flight Day) phasing for STS-133/ULF5 and 24S landing constraints. Engineers are investigating if the DAM could replace this reboost meeting the same constraints which ensuring a safe trajectory from the conjunction.

Significant Events Ahead (all dates Eastern Time and subject to change):
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
02/15/11 -- ATV-2 “Johannes Kepler” launch (5:09pm)
02/19/11 -- Progress M-07M/39P undock
02/21/11 -- Russian EVA-28 (2/16??)
02/23/11 -- ATV-2 “Johannes Kepler” docking (SM aft)
02/24/11 -- STS-133/Discovery launch
02/24/11 -- HTV2 unberthing (Node-2 nadir)
03/16/11 -- Soyuz TMA-01M/24S undock/landing (End of Increment 26)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
04/27/11 -- Progress M-10M/42P launch
05/30/11 -- Soyuz TMA-22/27S launch – M. Fossum (CDR-29)/S. Furukawa/S. Volkov
06/01/11 -- Soyuz TMA-22/27S docking (MRM1)
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
06/04/11 -- ATV-2 “Johannes Kepler” undock (SM aft)
06/21/11 -- Progress M-11M/43P launch
06/23/11 -- Progress M-11M/43P docking (SM aft)
08/29/11 -- Progress M-11M/43P undocking
08/30/11 -- Progress M-12M/44P launch
09/01/11 -- Progress M-12M/44P docking (SM aft)
09/16/11 – Soyuz TMA-21/26S undock/landing (End of Increment 28)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
09/30/11 -- Soyuz TMA-23/28S launch – D.Burbank (CDR-30)/A.Shkaplerov/A.Ivanishin
10/02/11 – Soyuz TMA-23/28S docking (MRM2)
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
10/25/11 -- Progress M-10M/42P undocking
10/26/11 -- Progress M-13M/45P launch
10/28/11 -- Progress M-13M/45P docking (DC-1)
11/16/11 -- Soyuz TMA-22/27S undock/landing (End of Increment 29)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
11/30/11 -- Soyuz TMA-24/29S launch – O.Kononenko (CDR-31)/A.Kuipers/D.Pettit
12/02/11 -- Soyuz TMA-24/29S docking (MRM1)
--------------Six-crew operations----------------
12/??/11 -- 3R Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) w/ERA – on Proton.
12/26/11 -- Progress M-13M/45P undock
12/27/11 -- Progress M-14M/46P launch
12/29/11 -- Progress M-14M/46P docking (DC-1)
03/05/12 -- Progress M-12M/44P undock
03/16/12 -- Soyuz TMA-23/28S undock/landing (End of Increment 30)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
03/30/12 -- Soyuz TMA-25/30S launch – G.Padalka (CDR-32)/J.Acaba/K.Valkov
04/01/12 -- Soyuz TMA-25/30S docking (MRM2)
--------------Six-crew operations----------------
05/15/12 -- Soyuz TMA-24/29S undock/landing (End of Increment 31)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
05/29/12 – Soyuz TMA-26/31S launch – S.Williams (CDR-33)/Y.Malenchenko/A.Hoshide
05/31/12 – Soyuz TMA-26/31S docking
--------------Six-crew operations----------------
09/09/12 -- Soyuz TMA-25/30S undock/landing (End of Increment 32)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
09/23/12 -- Soyuz TMA-27/32S launch – K.Ford (CDR-34)/O. Novitskiy/E.Tarelkin
09/25/12 – Soyuz TMA-27/32S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
10/07/12 -- Soyuz TMA-26/31S undock/landing (End of Increment 33)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
11/xx/12 -- Soyuz TMA-28/33S launch – C.Hadfield (CDR-35)/T.Mashburn/R.Romanenko
11/xx/12 – Soyuz TMA-28/33S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
03/xx/12 -- Soyuz TMA-27/32S undock/landing (End of Increment 34)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
03/xx/12 – Soyuz TMA-29/34S launch.
03/xx/12 – Soyuz TMA-29/34S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------