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Silver Snoopy Award for Bill Wallace
March 28, 2012

To all Facilities Contract employees,

One of the most prestigious recognitions from NASA to an employee – whether civil servant or contractor – is NASA's Silver Snoopy Award, presented by an astronaut for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety or mission success. In February 2011, Bill Wallace, a former Engineer with the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program, now assigned as a Professional Technical Writer for the CSC Operations Department at Johnson Space Center, was nominated for and subsequently awarded the Silver Snoopy. Bill's contributions to process improvements and analysis facilitated an increase in the efficiency and safe performance of tasks at JSC. In addition to identifying and authoring volumes of documentation for routine and emergency facility and plant operations, he developed a comprehensive Operations training program for hazard recognition, notification processes, and hazard mitigation. His commitment to establishing a comprehensive library for training, reference, and daily operations of the site enhanced overall cost-savings and safety awareness.

Bill Wallace with family receiving Snoopy Award from JSC Center Director Michael Coats

Bill Wallace and Family with
JSC Center Director Michael Coat

Unfortunately, medical challenges prevented Bill from receiving the award at the ceremony in 2011, but a ceremony instigated by one of Bill's coworkers (Lori Brodt) was finally held. An email request sent by Lori to Michael Coats, JSC Center Director, was quickly accepted. On Saturday, February 25th, Mr. Coats, presented Bill his Silver Snoopy award which had been flown on STS-29, the same Shuttle mission that Mike Coats commanded in March 1989. Bill's family and friends gathered around him as he received the Silver Snoopy Award recognizing his valuable contributions to the success of CSC's support of the space flight program.


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