WASHINGTON -- NASA's Space Flight Awareness Program recognized 143 civil servants and contractors for their outstanding support of human spaceflight. The awardees work at NASA facilities across the country and represent 15 states.

The winners traveled to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to tour the center and participate in activities around the scheduled launch of space shuttle Atlantis on the STS-135 mission to the International Space Station, the final mission of the shuttle program.

The Space Flight Awareness Program Honoree Award is one of the highest honors presented to NASA employees for their dedication to quality work and flight safety. Recipients must have contributed beyond their normal work requirements toward achieving a particular human spaceflight program goal; contributed to a major cost savings; been instrumental in developing material that increases reliability, efficiency or performance; assisted in operational improvements; or been a key player in developing a beneficial process improvement.

Winners by State:

Alabama Alaska California Colorado Florida Louisiana Maryland Mississippi New Mexico Ohio Taiwan Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington


Benny L. Hornsby

Benny L. Hornsby Picture
Teledyne Brown Engineering

From: Arab, Alabama

During his career, Benny has been involved in the design of several key pieces of equipment for NASA, including circuitry for the Mission Peculiar Equipment Interface Unit, the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Battery Pack used at Kennedy Space Center and a Current Monitor Unit. The dedication and support that Benny has shown to the development, test and integration of avionics and hardware/software systems on multiple missions, projects and platforms has positively enable human spaceflight for over two decades.

Ginger M. Martin

Ginger M. Martin Picture
From: Athens, Alabama

Ginger has performed in an exemplary manner in supporting the Center's staffing function specifically relating to the on-boarding process for newly hired employees. She exhibits commendable initiative in seeking out opportunities to further enhance the process. She has shown a sincere desire and enthusiasm to make the process a positive experience for MSFC's new hires and has been instrumental in changing several processes with this objective in mind. Based on her expertise, she has identified several background investigations that were not required which saved money and unnecessary time and effort. Ginger consistently performs at a high level and has contributed significantly to the overall mission of the Center.

Bryan S. Pennington

Bryan S. Pennington Picture

From: Athens, Alabama

Bryan has made significant contributions and performed exemplary work in support of NASA's space program. He has been instrumental in providing enhancements to NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN) corporate network monitoring and performance management infrastructure. Under his leadership, he and his team have provided systems support for all major NISN projects and support systems to ensure system and network availability supporting NASA's goals and missions. Bryan demonstrates outstanding team building and leadership abilities which are critical in maintaining a talented and effective workforce to achieve NASA's 13P transformational objectives and supporting the transition from the Shuttle through Orion's initial operating capacity.

David E. Brock

David E. Brock Picture
From: Boaz, Alabama

As Marshall Space Flight Center's only Small Business Specialist, David is responsible for implementing all of the Industry Assistance Office's small business programs and initiatives for all Agency and Center acquisitions under the cognizance of MSFC, including all Space Shuttle propulsion element contracts, as well as acquisition planning for the Space Launch Systems program. David's passion to create new and innovative ways to better serve the small business community are unique and noteworthy. His exemplary performance has enabled achievement of the Center and Agency Small Business goals.

Anne Sweet

Anne Sweet Picture
Launch Services Program Executive

From: Decatur, Alabama

Anne is the lead NASA HQ representative for the review of FAA license applications for commercial launches. She has created a thorough process that ensures the appropriate entities within NASA HQ are involved to provide the appropriate advice to the FAA to keep our on-orbit manned assets, like the Space Transportation System and the International Space Station safe. Thanks to Anne's diligence, the NASA authorities remain clear for STS and ISS missions.

Tyrus G. Taylor

Tyrus G. Taylor Picture
Senior Aerospace Composite Technician
United Space Alliance

From: Decatur, Alabama

Tyrus is recognized for his dedicated efforts with the elimination of hazardous materials and processes which in the past had posed threats to employees. His knowledge of automated processing equipment, and spray processing in general, were vital in the successful development of the Marshall Convergent Coating (MCC) spray process. The new MCC spray process eliminated two hazardous solvents and a known carcinogen from hardware processing, thereby removing substantial risk to personnel and the environment during both hardware processing and refurbishment. This alleviated the single greatest waste stream liability at KSC.

Carol Sivley

Carol Sivley Picture
COLSA Corporation

From: Grant, Alabama

Having worked at MSFC in various capacities since 1998, including work at the Materials Combustion Research Facility and on the Ares Project first in support of the Integrated Design & Analysis team and then as part of the COLSA Configuration and Data Management Services group supporting the Ares Upper Stage Office. In her career at MSFC, Carol has been noted for her professional and dedicated service, never hesitating to take on the challenging tasks and willing to commit her time to the successful completion of her tasks.

Joel Clark

Joel Clark Picture

From: Harvest, Alabama

Joel provided exemplary support to the MSFC in-house development, verification and installation of the data archival, retrieval and display system used during the x-ray calibration of the Chandra Telescope mirrors and science instruments. He has taken an active role in the areas of audio systems, avionics systems, and RF spectrum management for multiple NASA programs including International Space Station, Gravity Probe B, Shuttle/SRB, and the Ares I-X and V program, distinguishing himself as a Team Lead.

Daniel E. Irwin

Daniel E. Irwin Picture
From: Harvest, Alabama

Daniel has directed SERVIR, a set of regional visualization and monitoring systems, which integrated earth observations and forecast models together with in situ data and knowledge or timely decision-making to benefit society. He has taken the program to new geographic locations and has successfully achieved significant levels of funding support from both USAID and well as NASA's Science Mission Directorate. The Applied Sciences Program now considers SERVIR to be a core element of its portfolio. SERVIR has proven to be useful for disaster management as well as ongoing economic development. Under Daniel's exemplary leadership, SERVIR is now believed to be the largest joint space agency development project on the planet.

Andrew S. Keys

Andrew S. Keys Picture
From: Harvest, Alabama

Andrew has performed exemplary in his initiative, technical knowledge, vision, and representation as MSFC's Center Chief Technologist (CCT) providing strategic coordination, integration, and communication of the Center's technology capabilities; both inward to the Center's workforce and outward to Center management, Agency management, and external to the Agency.

Lisa A. McNairy

Lisa A. McNairy Picture
Bastion Technologies

From: Harvest, Alabama

Lisa has transitioned to the new SLS planning effort where she still serves in the capacity of lead engineer and has led a team that developed a generic fault tree and preliminary hazard analysis to be used on SLS once a configuration is defined. She is acknowledged as a Fault Tree expert and is utilized as necessary in this capacity for MSFC managed programs. She is recognized for her exemplary support and dedication in her assigned position.

Jeffery (Wes) Brown

Jeffrey (Wes) Brown Picture
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Wes provided above and beyond service as a team member in the HEFT and HEFT-2 (Human Exploration Framework Team) activities, which pulled together personnel from all NASA's field centers, as well as Headquarters, to define and assess implementation options for the President's new direction for human spaceflight. As a member of these teams, he was instrumental in developing strategic Figures of Merit, identifying critical national and international stakeholders, and assessing Design Reference Missions against the Figures of Merit. He was further instrumental in developing a critically important communications plan to support the project. His performance has been exemplary.

Steven M. Burks

Steven M. Burks Picture
Products Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Huntsville, Alabama

Steve is being recognized for his leadership and vision in identifying, planning, and executing the early fabrication of a cryogenic propellant tank for the USPC program. This is a significant milestone that demonstrates NASA accomplishments on the Upper Stage Production Contract and the extensibility of these advanced manufacturing concepts into the Space Launch System.

Kent T. Chojnacki

Kent T. Chojnacki Picture
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Among other exceptional accomplishments, Kent has demonstrated a commitment to Agency collaboration by assembling a design team that included engineering support for MSFC, Ames, Langley, Glenn and Kennedy; NASA support contractors; and the Boeing Upper Stage Production Contractor (USPC). His stage design met performance requirements with margin. Additionally he actively managed risk in the stage design by conducting several development test and carrying concurrent design options where necessary. With Kent's support for the SLS program and the Ares I Upper Stage, he has demonstrated a dedication for safe and affordable human exploration of space.

Bobby W. Collier

Bobby W. Collier Picture

From: Huntsville, Alabama

Bobby's personal achievements and accomplishments are broad and difficult to quantify due to their magnitude. He has provided crane maintenance for all critical-lift overhead cranes. He has assisted in the maintenance of life safety systems throughout MSFC and provided maintenance and repair of all elevator systems at MSFC which included technological upgrades. Bobby was selected to lead a team of contractor personnel for an eight month project at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility. His dedication and service to ensuring efficient, reliable operation of MSFC electrical utilities and systems supporting the NASA Space Program and MSFC are highly commendable.

Jeffrey Klop

Jeffrey Klop Picture
Principle Software Engineer
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

From: Huntsville, Alabama

Jeff is the principal software requirements engineer driving improved system safety and reliability. Improvements include the Advanced Health Management System upgrade that reduced ascent engine risk by 23% and vehicle level risk by 10.3%.

Marcus A. Neely

Marcus A. Neely Picture
From: Huntsville, Alabama

As Upper Stage Engine Element Subsystem Manager for assembly and test, Marcus has the overall responsibility for assembly and test facility construction and preparation, engine system test planning, engine test execution, and support equipment delivery for the J-2X development and certification engines. The overall management of the subsystem was not only technically impressive but was accomplished with a keen eye toward cost and schedule control. His performance and leadership have been outstanding.

Gregory G. Rice

Gregory G. Rice Picture
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Huntsville, Alabama

During his years with the ATK Marshall Operations Office, Greg has been instrumental in the successful and efficient processing of hundreds of ATK design and process change proposals. Each one of these changes contributed to enhancing the safety and reliability of the motor. Additionally, Greg has played a key role in the timely closure of similar quantities of senior material review board issues, thus helping ensure the motor meets all expectations and requirements relating to safety, performance and schedule.

Shawn Selvidge

Shawn Selvidge Picture
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Shawn has provided excellent support to the External Tank Project since Return-to-Flight, STS-114. He provides external tank project support for all launch support activities at the HOSC and post flight assessment activities and the associated In-Flight Anomaly (IFA) activities. He has proven to be a key member in the external tank program and continues to dedicate his time and abilities in support of the missions. Shawn provides exceptional support to all other areas including integrated process control, contamination control, and debris impact to successfully and safely fly out the Shuttle to complete the International Space Station construction.

Jeanetta Wilson

Jeanette Wilson Picture
Software Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Huntsville, Alabama

Jeanetta, thank you for over 20 years of dedicated support to the design, development, test, maintenance, and daily operations of the International Space Station Avionics and Software Systems. Jeanetta's technical expertise, work-ethic and attention to detail are exemplary and have positively contributed to the success of program and its mission.

Shaun M. Phillips

Shaun M. Phillips Picture
From: Madison, Alabama

Shaun has provided excellent service to NASA through significant contributions to the Ares Upper Stage (US) project in support of development of flight software. She has shown dedication to the Agency by serving as the Plans, Processes, and Project Management Team Lead and Software Requirements Team Lead. Her determination and diligence has enabled the successful delivery of products for Software Requirements Review (SRR) and Software Preliminary Design Review (PDR). She is to be commended for her dedication and expertise and is a worthy recipient of the Space Flight Awareness honor.

Joseph B. Solomon

Joseph B. Solomon Picture
From: Madison, Alabama

Joseph has performed in a distinguished manner throughout his career. He was a member of the Integrated Financial Management Program (IFMP) responsible for transforming NASA's business systems and processes and improving NASA's fiscal and management accountability through the implementation of industry best practices and enabling technology. As the program has continue to evolve through the years, so have Joseph's contributions to the Agency. He played a major role in the startup and formulation phase of the Human Capital Information Environment (HCIE), a joint venture between the Office of Human Capital Management, the NASA Shared Services Center and the Integrated Enterprise Management Program. Throughout his career, he has supported high value programs and activities that spanned all NASA Centers and NASA locations overseas.

Dewey Howard

Dewey Howard Picture
Metrology Technician

From: Mobile, Alabama

Dewey is a Metrology Technician with A2Research. He is being honored for his dedication to providing exemplary calibration support to the Space Shuttle Main Engine and other Rocket Engine Testing programs contributed immensely to a successful general rocket testing program at SSC. He did an outstanding job of supporting the NASA Flow Control Valve Testing performed at Stennis by performing the required mass and dimensional measurements of almost 500 test articles.

Sue A. Fair

Sue A. Fair Picture
From: New Market, Alabama

Sue has demonstrated remarkable commitment to the Space Shuttle Program by her diligent attention to detail in her configuration management role. She has performed configuration management functions for the Shuttle Propulsion elements main engine, reusable solid rocket booster and external tank. Sue has performed numerous audits of the propulsion elements' prime contractors to ensure the configuration management requirements are met. She has taken an active role in the transition and retirement work for the Shuttle Program and is an inaugural member of the working group tasked with identifying and dispositioning all records for the Shuttle propulsion elements. Sue is one of many unsung heroes of the Space Shuttle Program who quietly go about their work everyday, but without whom the Shuttle Program could not succeed.

David K. Roberts

From: New Market, Alabama

David provides exceptional budget support to the NASA Enterprise Application Competency Center (NEACC) which supports the Agency core business systems such as Core Financial, Contract Management Module, Business Warehouse, Human Capital Information Environment, Integrated Asset Management, etc. As the lead budget analyst, David is responsible for the formulation and execution for the Agency Program Planning and Budget Execution process for IEMP. Without the Diligence and conscientiousness of David, the NEACC and Agency success would be jeopardized due to budget shortfalls or untimely receipt of funding. David is highly respected in the business community and is extremely responsive to customer needs.


Erik Richards

Erik Richards Picture
From: Fairbanks, Alaska

Erik Richards is a Spaceflight Mission Manager within Goddard's Network Integration Center. He is responsible for coordinating all preparations for network operations support including pre-mission planning, mission specific testing, and real-time schedule and documentation coordination with NASA's Shuttle supporting networks. For the ISS VV/Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program, Erik has been the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) project lead for the past two years. In this role, he has been the liaison between the Mission Control Center at Johnson, White Sands Space Network, the NASA Integrated Network, and the HTV Control Center at the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan. He has spent countless hours testing, documenting, and providing presentations for mission reviews to ensure the success of the HTV program. Erik's attention to detail has ensured that the operational readiness of the support team was always at its best. He is known for his ability to weigh alternatives and make sound decisions, as well as his vast knowledge and technical expertise developed over the eleven years he has provided exceptional support.


Marc Glasser

Marc Glasser Full
Logistics Analyst
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne California

From: Canoga Park, California

Marc manages spares manufacturing and procurement activity of Combustion Devices, Nozzles, Ducts and Flex Lines for the Main Engine program. Under Marc's constant vigilance the flights, tests and assembly activities have never delayed due to hardware availability.

Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow Picture
Material and Processes Engineer
Hamilton Sundstrand Rocketdyne California

From: Canoga Park, California

Melanie is a Material and Processes Engineer with a flawless record of 100% first time acceptance of data requirements. She verifies that all ISS materials and processes meet performance, life and safety requirements; ensuring mission success and astronaut safety.

Dolores Harris

Dolores Harris Picture
Senior Administrative Assistant
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne California

From: Canoga Park, California

Dolores is a Senior Administrative Assistant with over 25 years of outstanding support of the Space Shuttle Program. Highlights include exceptional help with Challenger Return to Flight and the hardware teams during Block I and Block IIa development.

Andy Boston

NASA Supplier

From: Chatsworth, California

Andy has made a huge contribution to the human spaceflight program. Through the years his products have provided a vehicle in which to commemorate and document the Space Shuttle Program. His attention to detail and superior service have made significant contributions in documenting the history of our human space flight program. His products are legacy in our program's history.

Pham Hoe

Pham Hoe Picture
Engineer Scientist
The Boeing Company

From: Huntington Beach, California

Pham is being recognized for his outstanding contributions leading to successful modification and implementation of bay 5 titanium longeron bridge. Pham's attention to detail and innovative design approach helped to shorten the production schedule and allowed for integration of design and production changes.

Cetin Kiris

Chief of the Applied Modeling & Simulations Branch

From: Menlo Park, California

Cetin is Chief of the Applied Modeling & Simulations Branch for NASA's Ames Research Center. Through his dedicated leadership and expert high-fidelity aerospace modeling and simulations work, he has contributed well beyond the call of duty to enhance the quality and safety for NASA's human space flight programs. His outstanding efforts have led to major cost savings for NASA and have been instrumental in significant process improvements that increase reliability, efficiency and performance of aerospace vehicles. He identified the cause of cracks in the space shuttle main engine turbopump flowliner, assessed the safety of the vehicle assembly building for assembly of next-generation launch vehicles and of the shuttle mobile launch platform for launching Ares 1X, and led the development of best practices for simulations of ascent aerodynamics for heavy-lift launch vehicles.

Kathleen Kirk

Kathleen Kirk Picture
Nurse Practitioner
STG International

From: Palmdale, California

Katie is a nurse practitioner with STG International. She is being honored for her attention to detail, devotion to duty and tireless efforts in support of the human space flight program. Her actions above and beyond the expectations and requirements of her job duties have contributed greatly to the post flight medial assessment and treatment of crewmembers on five different space shuttle missions. Her willingness to "do what it takes in order to accomplish the mission has contributed directly to the turn-around and ferry operations of the shuttle orbiters, and has likewise ensured a maximum degree of medical readiness in the event of contingency.


Art Ortiz

Art Ortiz Picture
Lead Engineer for Expendable Evolved Launch Vehicle Engines
Defense Contract Management Agency

From: Littleton, Colorado

Art is the lead engineer for the expendable evolved launch vehicle engines for the Defense Contract Management Agency. He is being honored for his significant contributions to mission assurance and success by designing, developing and implementing a structured mission review process which greatly enhanced mission success and safety. Through his dedication, leadership and tenacity, Art restructured the key safety and mission assurance requirements review briefing into a concise, effective and efficient review process which will allow NASA mission managers to make sound and decisive mission launch decisions. His tireless efforts helped ensure launch success for NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter/Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite and the Solar Dynamics Observer missions.


Jim Bolton

Jim Bolton Picture
NASA Vehicle Manager

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Jim is being recognized for effectively leading the Space Shuttle Atlantis day-to-day planning and scheduling of operational processing activities at KSC to maintain flight hardware readiness while maintaining milestones and keeping personnel and hardware safe. Jim's coordination, communication, and leadership skills have ensured Atlantis' processing flows are safe, quality is maintained, and major milestones are achieved despite reductions in resources. He was instrumental in the success of Atlantis's STS-132 mission as well as in the on-going STS-135 mission processing.

Louie Garcia

Ground Operations Manager

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Louie has been highly effective in leading the planning, integration and execution of numerous Space Shuttle transatlantic abort landing teams and deployment operations. During the STS-133 mission, the Istres Tactical Air Command and Navigation System failed and was not available for support. Louie expertly led the effort to repair the antenna prior to the next mission which required detailed planning and coordination with KSC engineering, the Istres airfield and French Air Force, the Shuttle Program, and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Thomas Hopkins

Thomas Hopkins Picture
Quality Engineer

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

For his extraordinary dedication, remarkable knowledge and unparalleled expertise in support of KSC's Constellation Ground Operations Project, greatly contributing to the success of the Safety and Mission Assurance Program's Quality Engineering effort. His support to the Constellation Ground Operations Safety Project office quality team and his relationship with the KSC quality community have enabled numerous quality engineering challenges to be handled real-time. Thomas has coordinated many supplier visits, to ensure the quality support team has a solid understanding of the focus for the final Acceptance Data Package review. This has ensured a streamlined and professional approach for hardware acceptance and a positive outcome from the supplier.

Gregory Loy

Gregory Loy Picture
Quality Engineer

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Greg is being recognized for being instrumental in clarifying and defining processes that have significantly increased efficiency. His in-depth understanding of requirements and their applicability has been critical to accurately assessing and resolving quality issues. For example, when Johnson Space Center reported a "found'' ball bearing as a "Constraint" to the STS-132 launch, Greg was a key player in resolving the issue which significantly contributed to avoiding a possible launch scrub.

Matthew Mattingly

Matthew Mattingly Picture
AST Aerospace Engineer

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Matthew exhibited outstanding engineering competence and leadership throughout his efforts as task lead of the integration and flight closeout operations of Robonaut, the first humanoid robot launched into space. Robonaut presented both schedule and unique engineering challenges during flight preparations at KSC. Under the task leadership of Mr. Mattingly, the Robonaut ground team at KSC managed to overcome every challenge in an exemplary manner.

Kim Myrick

Kim Myrick Picture
Program Analyst

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Kim has consistently contributed beyond her normal work requirements to achieve the goals and objectives of the Agency and the Space Shuttle Program through guest operations. Leading up to launch, she facilitates special requests for crew families to ensure privacy and accommodate disabled family members at the KSC Beach House. Kim is also involved with the planning and implementation of all logistical requirements at the Operations Support Building II for both space shuttle and expendable launches of government and commercial entities. Each launch, Kim manages details that directly contribute to the operational efficiency, quality and seamless experience for up to 500 of the highest level of visitors from around the world, viewing launch at KSC.

Sasha Sims

Sasha Sims Picture
Analysis Systems Lead

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sasha is being recognized for her outstanding leadership and performance in support of the KSC Ground Operations Project. She led the Analysis Integration team in the development of multiple analysis products and operations input to trade studies. Sasha's contribution to this effort has provided NASA leadership with information and analysis that is essential and being used to determine the agency's future in manned space flight vehicle development and ground systems architecture requirements. She is also being rocognized for outstanding leadership in the planning, execution and overall success of the "Near Earth Objects Objectives Workshop".

Ron VanGilder

Ron VanGilder Picture
Mechanical Technician IV

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Ron is being recognized for his contributions with testing and certifying Ground Support Equipment, essential for the safe flight of the Space Shuttle. As the key member of the Launch Equipment Test Facility Mechanical Test Team, he is responsible for proof-load testing all Space Shuttle lifting hardware used during VAB lifting and mating operations and has also performed multiple vital roles certifying Space Shuttle Ground Support Equipment such as Shuttle Service Arms, Umbilicals and Hold Down Posts.

Sarah Weis

Sarah Weis Picture
Project Management Specialist
The Boeing Company

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sarah is being recognized for her outstanding support to the CAPPS contract. Sarah's has produced high quality products resulting in successful project management technical, cost and schedule control as well as risk mitigation and resolutions.

Danny Zeno

Danny Zeno Picture
NASA Test Director

From: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Danny is being recognized for his dependable and valuable leadership for Launch Pad Closeout operations during Launch Countdown for numerous launches. Danny manages personnel and many operations to precisely synchronize, complete and clear the pad of all personnel in a timely manner in order to successfully have an on time tanking and launch. He was also highly effective in leading the planning and implementation of the Flight Crew Rescue Mode Simulations/Wet Sims conducted from LC-39. This simulation involves a multi-center, multi-disciplined team that practices a critical launch countdown operation, the emergency egress and rescue operations of the flight crew during the final hours of launch after the vehicle is fully loaded with cryogenic propellant.

Shelly Baker

Shelly Baker Picture
Integration Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Cocoa, Florida

Shelly is being recognized for a contributions to the Test and Integration group as an Integration Engineer. She quickly became adept at the Integration task. In order to expand her knowledge and involvement in all aspects of ISS processing, she identified, trained, and subsequently performed other functions such as Ammonia Processing, Test Conducting, and Missions Operations. Most recently, Shelly has been assigned as a CAPPS Payload Integration Engineer for Life Sciences Payloads.

Milliana Phifer

Milliana Phifer Picture
Human Resource Specialist
The Boeing Company

From: Cocoa, Florida

Millie is recognized for her contributions in improving and streamlining the complex and emotional human resources processes within the Florida Operations Space Shuttle program at the Kennedy Space Center. Her contributions ensured we could maintain a skilled and motivated workforce to safely fly out the shuttle manifest, while at preparing a large number of employees for transfers within the company.

Michael Wall

Michael Wall Picture
Manufacturing Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Cocoa, Florida

Mike has more than 23 years of experience working with flight, ground and facility hardware in support of multiple programs and customers at the Kennedy Space Center. Mike's significant contributions, dedication, team leadership, and technical knowledge is a significant part of our success in the NASA Spacecraft Services Depot. Mike's superior and sustained performance along with your expertise in our electronic WAD systems has been a main driver for the Depot's success and our customers' appreciation.

Michael T. Denaro

Michael T. Denaro Picture
IT Systems Engineer
United Space Alliance

From: Edgewater, Florida

Mike is recognized for his outstanding contributions in support of NASA's Agency Security Update Service project. He was tasked to help find a replacement for the Lumension PatchLink product which was used to monitor patching and security compliance of servers and desktops across the agency. Mike worked closely with NASA and other contractors, providing expertise and input to the Agency requirements and design reviews. Because of his vast experience, he assisted NASA with choosing a replacement product that would support the constantly changing IT Security environment from over 80,000 workstations and servers.

Glen O. Lenk

Glen O. Lenk Picture
Lead Aerospace Technician
United Space Alliance

From: Melbourne, Florida

Glen is recognized for indentifying a major safety risk that had the potential for a serious mishap. Following the removal of Ares 1-X from the water, he noticed cracks in the concrete at the east end of the slip at Hangar AF. He forwarded his concerns to management and the base contractor was notified. The engineering team discovered a major void under the concrete slab; over time the soil underneath the slab had eroded into the Banana River, creating the potential for structural failure. Future operations involving the lift of SRBs could have had catastrophic consequences.

Alan Alemany

Alan Alemany Picture
Reliability Engineer

From: Merritt Island, Florida

Alan is being recognized for his outstanding support to launch day operations and performing critical reliability analysis of the Vehicle Assembly Building vertical doors and the review of the redesign of the Space Shuttle Ice Detection Equipment. Alan's thorough and steadfast dedication has directly contributed to the safety of KSC personnel and the prevention of property damage, including flight hardware.

Gabor F. Tanacs

Senior Engineering Analyst
United Space Alliance

From: Merritt Island, Florida

During the launch of STS-124, approximately 3500 bricks from the SRB Flame Trench east wall were liberated. Repairs were made to damaged areas', however; there was a requirement to obtain launch data from the wall for final review and certification. Gabor is recognized for his exceptional leadership with the analysis of the Flame Trench Wall data gathered from the next two launches. Due to his research, the pressure, thermal, and acoustic applied forces on the Flame Trench during launch are now better understood. This has greatly assisted with supporting launch pad operations for all future vehicles.

Glenn T. Gracom

Senior Process Engineer
United Space Alliance

From: New Smyrna, Florida

Glenn is recognized for his outstanding support with helping to implement and execute the Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) preservation task. He took on the lead engineering responsibility to have the protection finish removed from each HPU, cleaned, inspected, and Cortec shrink wrapped and packaged for the SRB flight hardware preservation. In addition, he generated the documentation and coordinated with the various groups to have 35 HPU's delivered and processed at Hangar AF. Glenn's willingness to go the extra mile was a key factor in accomplishing and completing this major task.

Derek A. Hardin

Derek A. Hardin Picture
Senior Software Engineer
United Space Alliance

From: Orlando, Florida

Derek is recognized for designing a software program that not only worked for the Shuttle and Constellation programs, but can be used for future programs as well. He developed key dashboards running in the portal for the Ares I-X mission, including the Configuration Verification and Accounting dashboard and the Certification of Test Flight Readiness dashboard. This resulted in reduced life cycle costs by eliminating the dependency on extensive manual data entries involved in gathering current situation status. Both of these products were delivered on time under tight schedule constraints.

Shaheed Mohammed

Shaheed Mohammed Picture
System Support Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Orlando, Florida

Shaheed's tireless efforts and extreme dedication have significantly contributed to the success of our team over the years. His recent contributions to the development of the overarching Logistics plans and process in support of the Kennedy Space Center Spacecraft Processing Element has established the framework for future logistics operations at the launch site.

Lucy Orozco

Lucy Orozco Picture
Electrical Systems Engineer

From: Orlando, Florida

Lucy is being recognized for her significant contributions to the assembly and testing of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station electrical systems. For STS-132 Payload Pre-mate Testing, Ms. Orozco provided excellent technical support during troubleshooting and repair of an electrical issue with the Standard Mixed Cargo Harness. Her efforts contributed to the efficient resolution of the problem and allowed an important orbiter processing milestone to be maintained.

Bart Pannullo

Bart Pannullo Picture
Vehicle Processing Engineer

From: Port St. John, Florida

As the NASA Vehicle Processing Engineer for Space Shuttle Orbiter Discovery, Bart manages and coordinates the day-to-day processing activities of the space shuttle. He is responsible to ensure the orbiter is ready, milestones are achieved, and safety of flight hardware and personnel are maintained. Recently during Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-133 flow, Bart's experience and expertise were valuable in safely and successfully overcoming several major issues. While in the Orbitor Processing Facility, Bart noted that the catalytic coating applied to one of the tiles had some peeling on the edges; he efficiently and effectively helped troubleshoot, integrate, and resolve the issue.

Paula M. Holbrook

Budget Analyst
United Space Alliance

From: Titusville, Florida

Paula is recognized for her significant contributions with the budget work associated with the start up of the Transition and Retirement (T&R) program within Launch and Recovery Systems. Rather than a large single pool of funds, T&R funding is built as one small contract action at a time, requiring a tremendous effort with keeping track of all of the small pieces that comprise this Program. Paula identified and resolved the up-front problems and her dedicated efforts will avoid any potential difficulties with the execution of this specialized budget.

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson Picture
Quality Assurance Manager
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

From: Titusville, Florida

Susan is the Space Shuttle Main Engine Quality Assurance Manager. Her in depth knowledge of Quality systems and outstanding dedication and leadership enable the Rocketdyne team at Kennedy Space Center to deliver perfect engines to our NASA customer.

Nick Moss

Nick Moss Picture
Facilities Mechanical Systems Engineer

From: Titusville, Florida

For his exceptional competence, dedication, professionalism, and diligence during performance of the Heating Venting and Air Conditioning system engineering duties for the Space Shuttle Program at KSC, and for demonstrating leadership and a spirit of volunteerism. During the recent STS-134 flow, Nick took lead role in the failure of a Pad Mobile Launcher Platform pressurization fan, which failed a day prior to hazard operations. Nick was instrumental in troubleshooting the problem and providing technical resolution to meet and maintain the manifest.

Terry Neuhart

Terry Neuhart Picture
Design Manager
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

From: Titusville, Florida

Terry is the Main Engine Launch and Ground Support Equipment Design Manager. His leadership resulted in 100% Award Fee and 100% mission success. Terry's team designed a display engine that preserves the entire engine fleet for future program use.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond Picture
Staff Engineer
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Florida

From: West Palm Beach, Florida

Rich is a Staff Engineer and key contributor to the Space Shuttle Main Engine team. He is responsible for structural analysis of High Pressure TurboPump safety critical hardware and has expertly authored over 175 structural analysis memoranda quality records.


Christi Johnson

Finance and Cost Management
Lockheed Martin External Tank Project

From: Braithwaite, Louisiana

Christi is an integral part of the Cost Management of Overhead Budgets. She is the local focal point for coordinating Government Compliance issues and providing appropriate cost account information to insure proper charging. Christi's role in support of Overhead Budget insures that all cost objectives are met and provides management with timely data to resolve potential problems. Her role in support of Government Compliance provides guidance that links program charging to the Disclosure Statement and also directs employees to the appropriate account numbers. She is very dedicated and is always willing to provide support to her management on special projects. Christi is commended for her continued support to the External Tank Project.

Gregory Carmouche

Gregory Carmouche Picture
A-1 Lead Mechanical Engineer

From: Covington, Louisiana

Greg is the A-1 Lead Mechanical Engineer with the NASA Engineering & Test Directorate. He is being honored for his exemplary service in support of the current space flight program and in the development of the next manned space vehicle. The technical excellence, outstanding leadership and dedication have helped SSC and the Agency in achieving the NASA mission. Greg played a significant role in the engine cutoff sensor testing and the shuttle flow valve test project for return to flight missions.

Lisa Blaum

Proposal Analyst, Sr.
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Lisa has been a valued employee of the External Tank Project since March of 1980. Dedication, integrity and accountability are obvious driving forces contributing to her operational excellence. Most recent noteworthy accomplishments include her contributions to the successful reporting of Award Fee performance, development of high quality proposals, and dynamic needs of a transition and retirement environment. Additionally, Lisa is certified in Emotional Intelligence Training and has assisted employees in taking care of their emotional welfare. Lisa's effective analytical, collaborative, and communication (written and oral) skills have contributed to the successes of this Project for Lockheed Martin and the NASA customer.

Marty LeCour

Financial Planning Sr. Manager
Lockheed Martin External Tank Project

From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Marty is responsible for Financial Planning, Overhead Rate Development and Overhead Budget Control. His ability to develop financial analysis for short and long term forecasting of Orders, Sales, Earnings and Cash Flow has been a critical element in assessing the financial outlook for the various projects. Development of Overhead Rates has been an essential part of accurately assessing project costs and cost management of Overhead Budgets has provided Management with relevant and timely data to resolve potential problems and to insure that all project cost objectives are met. Marty is commended for his long term dedication and support to the External Tank Project.

Joseph Pleasant Jr.

Production/Planning/Scheduling/Material Control Supervisor
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Joe, as Shop Control Lead, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all support activities for the ET program. He utilizes his outstanding talent and comprehensive understanding of External Tank (ET) operations to ensure all request are supported to schedule and in a timely manner. Joe also provides property custodian support for ET program property and has responsibility for the location and maintenance requirements for some 7,000 tools used at the Michoud Assembly Facility. Recently, Joe assisted in the annual property location audit, assisting in locating lost tools --some being located at MSFC -- and preventing the processing of lost reports to our customer. Joe also assisted in the recent Field Engineering change camera Mod at KSC on ET-138 coordinating the requirements for tools required for testing in Harness Fabrication.

Joseph (J.D.) D. Bordelon

Systems Test Mechanic
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

From: Slidell, Louisiana

Joseph D. Bordelon (JD) is recognized for his outstanding performance and dedication to the External Tank (ET) program. Through his 34 years at the Michoud Assembly Facility, J.D. has worked in numerous production areas including Final Assembly and Test, VAB, High Bay and building 451 proof test. He is well respected by management as well as his peers for being a hard worker who pays attention to detail and safety. Most recently J.D. displayed some of his talents while leading co-workers in the removal of sophisticated NDE equipment from building 420. Additionally, J.D. quickly adapted to the complicated Intertank stringer modifications as he and co-workers successfully completed the task at the Kennedy Space Center ahead of schedule. J.D. has truly been an asset to the ET program.

Laurence de Quay

Laurence de Quay Picture
Aerospace Engineer

From: Slidell, Louisiana

Larry is an aerospace engineer with the NASA Engineering & Test Directorate. He is being honored for his exceptional engineering design leadership on the A-3 Test stand development program. He has been a contracting officer's technical representative for multiple, large, critical procurements for the construction of the new stand. He has exhibited outstanding administrative and technical competencies over the past four years.

Andy Hayes

Detail Fabrication Inspector
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

From: Slidell, Louisiana

Andy has been a Detail Fabrication Inspector for thirty years. He is responsible for the inspection of precision clean parts, plating and coatings, tooling inspection and dimensional inspections of component parts that are installed on the Space Shuttles' External Tanks (ET). His latest achievement was his role in the dimensional inspection of the radius blocks used to repair the liquid oxygen stringers that were found cracked on ET-137. His participation required him to inspect enough radius blocks for the repairs of ET-137,122 and 138 plus spares. He performed this function which required extended work without hesitation. He is commended for his unselfish dedication to the Space Shuttle Program.

Karen Vander

Karen Vander Picture
Technical Manager

From: Slidell, Louisiana

Karen is a technical manager with the NASA Safety & Mission Assurance Office. She has been instrumental in ensuring the safety of personnel and facilities involved in the testing of engines and components in support of the space flight program. She consistently shows above-level performance through remarkable thoroughness and attention to detail in all of her assigned activities.

Joe Wiley

Joe Wiley Picture

From: Slidell, Louisiana

While making numerous contributions in support of the human spaceflight programs at the Michoud Assembly Facility, Joel has led multiple Lean Six Sigma kaizen events that resulted in significant cost savings. These events, along with many others led by Joe, also resulted in operational improvements that increased efficiency and performance at MAF. Joe has been a critical member of the MSFOC Team and is very deserving of the honor of participating in the Space Flight Awareness program.


Beth Keer

Beth Keer Picture
Administrative Program Manager

From: Gambrills, Maryland

Beth demonstrated outstanding communication and leadership skills in overseeing a program that spans the entire Agency. Through Beth's perseverance, dedication, and leadership skills as the Office of the Chief Engineer Survey Manager, she enabled the institutionalization and assurance that NASA technical Authorities are functioning as designed to provide independent technical oversight separate from the management of projects schedule and budget.

Daniel L. Berry

Daniel L. Berry Picture

From: Greenbelt, Maryland

Daniel Berry, a computer engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. has provided exceptional support as team lead for the flight software development for the International Space Station's Express Logistics Carrier (ELC). He ensured the achievement of all deliverable milestones after joining the team at the timeframe in which it was challenged with design review failures. Daniel organized and led the ELC Avionics Team through successful delivery of mature flight software products. He is commended for his efforts as he personally ensured that the ELC project was able to cut months off its schedule and save costs.

Larry Moore

Larry Moore Picture

From: Greenbelt, Maryland

Larry Moore, a White Sands Complex System Engineer through Goddard's Space Communications Networks Services (SCNS) contract, has shown tireless dedication and outstanding performance to the network since its inception in 1979. Larry has provided unwavering, exceptional support during all facets of Human Spaceflight missions, the International Space Station, and Visiting Vehicle programs. Larry is the subject matter expert on several of the Space Network systems with the Ku and Ka-Band services. In particular, for STS-129, Larry drew on his extensive experience noting that a particular modulation was failing. Larry did a quick visual on the analyzer and provided key support in the modulation's repair. His contributions ensured the Shuttle engineers a quick turnaround on a potential mission-impacting anomaly.

Frances Poulos

Frances Poulos Picture

From: Greenbelt, Maryland

Frances Poulos is recognized for her efforts at the White Sands Complex in White Sands, New Mexico as a Space Network Scheduler. Her mission planning and Space Network Scheduling support of each STS mission since 2001 and the mission support of the International Space Station, Automated Transfer Vehicle, and H-II Transfer Vehicle, continues to be critical. She has improved processes, coordinated with human spaceflight personnel at Johnson and Goddard, optimized procedures, and ensured shuttle refresher training for her team. Her behind-the-scenes efforts have been extremely important in the continued success of NASA's human spaceflight programs.

William Scott Smith

William Scott Smith Picture

From: Greenbelt, Maryland

William Scott Smith has earned the Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award because of his 23 years of dedicated, exemplary support of NASA's human spaceflight programs. His passion and energy has been an inspiration to his peers, particularly in critical moments when it is most needed. As a key leader of the Space Network White Sands Complex hardware maintenance support element, Scott has facilitated the successful implementation and sustainment of critical shuttle mission support systems. From his starting position as a GCE floor technician to his current role as HMD Deputy Manager, Scott is known for his dedication to human spaceflight, supporting every STS mission including the STS facilitated orbital insertion of Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Flights four to seven.

Denney Keys

Denney Keys Picture
NASA Technical Fellow for Electrical Power

From: Michellville, Maryland

Denney has contributed directly to the continuing safe operation of the International Space Station (ISS) as a core member of the team charged with determining root cause of the STS-128 Power Contactor Assembly failure. He is a valuable member of the NESC team whose involvement has contributed directly to the success of the ISS and Shuttle Programs.


Paul Miller

Paul Miller Picture
Methods Engineer for Assembly and Test Operations
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

From: Carriere, Mississippi

Paul is a methods engineer for Assembly and Test Operations with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. He is being honored for his efforts in propulsion planning and assembly including the space shuttle main engine and the J-2X. He continuously meets all schedule milestones and deliveries for assembly and testing activity. He was instrumental in standardizing the assembly process for PWR, has supported J-2X ground support equipment (GSE) design reviews and has been very engaged in process improvements for GSE and facilities.

Terrence Burrel

Terrence Burrel Picture
Associate Manager
Lockheed Martin Test Operations Group

From: Clarksdale, Mississippi

Terrence is an associate manager with Lockheed Martin's Test Operations Group. He is being recognized for his relentless efforts and work ethic demonstrating his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure mission success for NASA's human space flight program. Terrence supported several return to flight programs such as the external tank frost tests, flow liner and flow control valve testing. He has also received national recognition from NASA for his support in the design of a state-of-the-art Data Acquisition and Controls Laboratory that provides the capability to test hardware and software designs or upgrades in a controlled environment before being integrated into the test stands.

David Brannon

David Brannon Picture
Chief of the Project Integration Office

From: Long Beach, Mississippi

David is the Chief of the Project Integration Office within the NASA Project Directorate. He is being recognized for a series of significant accomplishments that directly contributed to the Agency's human space flight initiatives involving government and commercial interests. David's efforts have focused on supporting development of Space Launch System options at the Agency Level, leading a multi-disciplinary team; he played an integral role in execution of a test facility options study for the Constellation Program Flight and Integrated Test Office.

New Mexico

Larque Molina

From: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Larque is recognized for his significant contributions and successful completion of the Space Shuttle Auxiliary Power Unit, the Space Shuttle Aft Reaction Control System, and the Space Shuttle Forward Reaction Control System Fleetleader Programs.

Catherine Watkins


From: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Catherine is recognized for her loyal dedication, unwavering commitment, and her significant contributions as the primary test conductor and lead engineer for certifying Primary and Vernier reaction control system engines at the White Sands Test Facility.

David Westheimer

From: Las Cruces, New Mexico

David is recognized for his tireless efforts to advance NASA's capabilities in the area of extravehicular activity as the EVA Technology Department Manager. David's project management skills, diligence, and persistence in EVA technology development have already resulted in the first construction of a new PLSS breadboard in over 30 years and will remain a tremendous asset to the Agency and EVA space suit development continues in the coming years.


Vicki Crable

Vicki Crable Picture
Aerospace Engineer

From: Canal Fulton, Ohio

Vickie has provided support to the Communications Navigation and Networking Re-Configurable Testbed (CoNNeCT) for its launch to the International Space Station as well as to the Ares 1-X Upper Stage Simulator. Vicki exhibits professionalism in the performance of her duties. She is an outstanding member of the GRC workforce and is highly respected by team members, customers, and other organizations.

Michael Heryak

Michael Heryak Picture
Electronics Engineer

From: Cleveland, Ohio

Mike has provided outstanding project leadership and technical design to the multiphase modernization of the Glenn network infrastructure. As a result of Mike working in partnership with NASA HQ, a cost avoidance of more than $4M to the Center was achieved over the life of the project. Each phase was completed on time and within budget. With the completion of the fifth and final phase, the Glenn network is now more reliable and is fully capable of supporting the mission requirements of the Center.

Rodney Spence

Rodney Spence Picture
Aerospace Systems Engineer

From: North Ridgeville, Ohio

Rod is the lead and focal point for all analyses related to Wireless Broadband and is conducting analyses on the impacts to NASA operation due to the potential relocation of federal agencies from 1755 – 1850 MHz band into a number of frequency bands used by NASA, in particular, the S-band. He has performed numerous communication system studies and analyses and participated within national and international spectrum regulatory organizations to support and safeguard the use of frequency spectrum bands vital to NASA missions, including human space flight.


Ming-Ying Wei

Ming-Ying Wei Picture
Program Scientist

From: , Taiwan

Ming-Ying provided outstanding oversight of education and outreach activities for NASA's Earth Science Division, especially the coordination of education and outreach activities of NASA's 13 operating satellite missions, those in formulation and development, our airborne science missions, and her leadership in providing for integrated on-line content highlighting the accomplishments of NASA's earth science activities and facilitating its wide understanding.


Melissa M. Walden

Melissa M. Walden Picture
From: Elkton, Tennessee

Melissa provided excellent sustained superior performance in support of the MSFC Safety and Mission Assurance Director's staff in their coverage of the Space Shuttle launches. She provided excellent response and was proactive in resolving actions to provide rental cars, airline reservations and lodging for the office personnel working Space Shuttle launches from the Kennedy Launch Control Center. She is an extremely valuable asset of the S&MA's director team.


Rebecca Stinson

From: Deer Park, Texas

Rebecca is recognized for her outstanding support to the Johnson Space Center and the Chief Financial Office, and her long-standing support to the human spaceflight community. She been instrumental in developing audit procedures for the delinquency and misuse of the travel card and maintains these audits each month to ensure JSC is in compliance with internal Agency and Office of Management and Budget requirements.

Edward Henderson

From: Dickinson, Texas

Edward is recognized for his exceptional contributions to almost every major milestone in the history of U.S. human space flight over his more than 50 year career with NASA.

Antoinette Vitanze

Bastion Technologies

From: Dickinson, Texas

Antoinette is recognized for her significant contributions as the JSC Engineering Directorate Configuration Management Specialist. She has exceeded expectations and contributed beyond her normal work requirements to the successful and safe implementation of the ISS program.

Stan Bouslog

From: Friendswood, Texas

Stan is recognized for his expertise in the fields of thermal protection systems, aerothermodynamics, and arc-jet testing. Specifically, he has provided expert and deft management of the Orion heat shield development and contributed to Space Shuttle thermal protection system troubleshooting.

Kurt Hammerle

From: Friendswood, Texas

Kurt is recognized for his outstanding contributions as the principal legal architect of multiple, current human spaceflight creative endeavors, including the collaboration that culminated in the development of RoboNaut2, the "Face in Space" campaign, and the Top 40 Wake Song contest.

Thomas Basciano

Systems Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Tom is recognized throughout the ISS Avionics and Software program as an engineer who has diligently and consistently provided excellent engineering expertise regardless of the obstacles. His resourcefulness and technical expertise are evident in his successful completion and concurrent handling of the Joint Station LAN sustaining tasks, as well as projects such as the implementation of External Wide Area Networking on the International Space Station (ISS) for payloads and extension of the JSL into Node 3 and the Cupola to support the Robotic Workstation and the Russian MRM 1 Docking.

Janice Campbell


From: Houston, Texas

Janice is recognized for her dedicated service to the Flight Crew Operations Directorate. She is an amazing asset to the office and is the foundation of our staff. She meets each challenge "heads on" with a positive and professional manner and can always be counted on to step up without being asked.

Nathaniel Clark

Nathaniel Clark Picture
Engineer Scientist
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Nathan's work on reducing Space-X Dragon induced plume loads from proximity operations jet firings is a key contribution to the success of this mission. Nathan's efforts have led to significant reductions in structural loads on the US solar arrays, especially during contingency abort scenarios. This significantly expands the allowable feathering ranges for the arrays and increases pre-flight planning flexibility. Dragon missions are critical to ISS resupply post Shuttle retirement, and the results of this work serve to reduce ISS risk and enhance mission success.

David Fasig

David Fasig Picture
Engineer Scientist
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

This award is in recognition of David's contributions to the PhotoVoltaic Thermal Control System Refill performed on ULF6. His hard work and diligence made for a very smooth on-orbit operation. The International Space Station Program thanks David for his dedication to Human Space Flight.

Marcelino Figueroa

Marcelino Figueroa Picture
Engineer Scientist
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Marcelino is being recognized for his hard work following the Pump Module Failure on the International Space Station. His work was directly responsible for ensuring that the pump module was changed out successfully and safely. Marcelino spent many long hours in the Mission Engineering Room throughout the 17 day event involving the Pump Module failure. His willingness to put in those hours to support the multiple meetings, discussions, and NASA panels helped enable the successful completion.

Timothy Franklin

Timothy Franklin Picture
Aero/Thermodynamics Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Tim is being recognized for his outstanding support in the resolution of the Orbiter Wing Leading Edge peak heat rate beyond acceptable readings. His attention to detail and willingness to bring this concern to the attention of the program personifies the core attribute of "Living the Boeing Values".

Lamar Gordon

Lamar Gordon Picture
Operations Maintenance Project Lead for the Launch Processing System Set
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Lamar was nominated for his SFA award by his KSC/NASA customer. Lamar is recognized for his leadership, dedication and attention to detail which have resulted in successful support of the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory checkout control and monitoring system launch processing system set up for the shuttle program. He consistently provides exemplary service by working beyond normal work requirements to ensure the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory launch processing system set is configured to support KSC application software, flight software operational increment demonstrations and other testing necessary to ensure flight safety. He was instrumental in generating all of the data retrievals from each test case and was meticulous at logging and identifying each run with local time. Because of his attention to detail, the launch processing system set has provided dependable support for KSC testing conducted at the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory.

Monica Greak

Monica Greak Picture
Extravehicular Activity Engineering Lead
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Monica is recognized as a leader in the Flight Crew Equipment engineering organization because of her selfless contributions to exceeding customer satisfaction, setting positive examples to her team, being a champion for innovative improvements and going above and beyond to ensure the product USA delivers is outstanding. Monica has successfully implemented several ideas that ensure change control and reduce labor hours. She developed cross-training plans for extravehicular mobility unit and extravehicular activity tool engineers. The synergies and efficiencies afforded through these cross-training efforts have given the extravehicular activity engineering team the necessary agility to cope with program downsizing while still providing outstanding service to the customer.

John Kochner

Flight Software Application Tools Software Engineering and Reconfiguration Manager
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

John is recognized for his initiative and leadership in going above and beyond in many areas of process improvement to provide insight to existing processes and save time and money by improving processes. John led the space shuttle simulator software team in their efforts to re-engineer shuttle simulator models to a more modern platform using a spiral development, industry leading tools and the generic model capability. His involvement in the software development activities allowed the team members to develop new skills and roles. He further helped the team transform existing software development skills to more modern skills and new methods to enable production of software products that reinforce space shuttle simulator knowledge.

Aaron Kraftcheck

Aaron Kraftcheck Picture
Software Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Aaron is being recognized for his exceptional technical leadership in the International Space Station Formal Qualification Test of the Command and Control Software Release 10 which supports the implementation of the Enhanced Processor and Integrated Communications Multiplexer/Demultiplexer change.

David Kyle

David Kyle Picture
Flight Design and Dynamics Engineer
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

David is recognized for his demonstrated technical expertise and leadership. He has been instrumental in the ongoing accuracy of descent I-load products. His proactive attention to detail and tireless efforts have ensured the space shuttle program remains postured to fly safely. David has provided twenty-three years of outstanding, high quality support in achieving major shuttle program objectives and has been responsible for increasing safety of flight. He has increased quality and enhanced process robustness as evident in successful release and delivery of thousands of entry I-loads supporting numerous missions and evident in his exceptional technical ability to solve challenging and complex analysis tasks.

Dana Lear

From: Houston, Texas

Dana is recognized for his contributions in improving NASA micrometeoroid and orbital debris risk assessment processes, software, and shielding used to prevent spacecraft failure from micrometeoroid and orbital debris, and for applying these tools in improving micrometeoroid and orbital debris protection of the ISS and commercial visiting vehicles.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee Picture
Engineer Scientist
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Peter has supported the Cargo Structural Loads and Dynamics group for over 30 years. He has demonstrated the highest commitment to quality and flight safety. Peter adopts the philosophy that Safety and Quality always precede schedule priorities and he instills this philosophy in everyone working around him.

Aaron Leinmiller

Aaron Leinmiller Picture
Stress Analyst Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Aaron is recognized for his technical expertise and ongoing leadership as an Orbiter Structural Analyst. Aaron is relied on by his team to support of debris impact damage analysis tasks, and flow support tasks. He exemplifies leadership attributes in his professional demeanor, outstanding work ethics and proficiency in the creation and use of multiple analytical tools and models.

Michael Mai

Michael Mai Picture
Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory Application Software Engineer
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Michael is recognized for his innovative work to develop and maintain diagnostic software programs utilized in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory. These programs have improved laboratory efficiency by quickly pinpointing the specific problem area in the laboratory requiring correction. Also, the programs have saved maintenance costs by consolidating numerous individualized diagnostic tools into only one application, and have reduced the risk of damage to flight hardware by testing laboratory hardware prior to connection to flight hardware. His experience with troubleshooting anomalies has provided the momentum for going above and beyond normal expectations to develop software that is especially creative and practical.

Michael Mankin

From: Houston, Texas

Michael is recognized for his leadership and significant contributions toward the development and operation of EVA system hardware. He has dedicated himself toward the safe execution of 161 EVA sorties, enabling NASA to successfully extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope, complete ISS assembly, and safely overcome the "Wall of EVA."

Marcella Mendoza

From: Houston, Texas

Marcella is recognized for her outstanding support and execution of the Autonomous Transfer Vehicle-2 mission. Her preflight efforts and coordination with the Space Shuttle, visiting vehicles, and ISS mission leads enabled the creation of a plan to share communication resources between the vehicles. Her real-time support ensured the efficient rescheduling of communication coverage and resolution of conflicts between the ISS, its visiting vehicles and the communication network.

Philip Meyer

Philip Meyer Picture
Senior Software Programmer
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Philip is recognized for sustained and outstanding performance developing software for the space shuttle web application and for the information technology service management application. Philip goes above and beyond his normal job duties and draws on his expertise and suggestions for implementing software improvements. He is often the reason behind other employee's successes by providing alternative solutions for fellow developers or team members. He is the person his organization counts on when technical challenges arise. He produces exceptional products for every task given.

Gregory Mobley

Gregory Mobley Picture
Mechanical Systems Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Greg Mobley is being recognized for his leadership, teamwork, and innovations in the Safety and Mission Assurance Flight Operations department and the Environmental Control and Life Support department which have resulted in significant process improvements and increased customer satisfaction.

Lisa Moguel

Lisa Moguel Picture
Business Process Analyst
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Lisa is being recognized for her dedication and business contributions to the Orbiter program. Her experience and hard work ensured a recent contract extension proposal was completed in a timely manner which provided value to both Boeing and our customers.

Refugio Molina Jr.

Refugio Molina Jr. Picture
Lead Attitude and Pointing Officer
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Refugio is recognized for his outstanding initiative and advanced technical expertise in the development, coordination and implementation of orbiter attitudes and attitude-related issues as lead pointing officer. His efforts resulted in the development of a comprehensive flight rule to minimize the potential for real-time radio frequency interference and time-intensive antenna switching during the STS-133 mission. Refugio also played an instrumental role in the design and planning of the proposed Soyuz fly-around for STS-133.

Lee Nguyen

Lee Nguyen Picture
Network and Telecommunications Specialist
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Lee is recognized for going above and beyond in supporting the USA Telecommunications services. Lee brings the highest level of quality possible to each and every project/task and to the network and telecommunications process. Lee has lead numerous quality improvement projects including mass move process, cubicle build- out process improvement, telecommunications job plans and wiring recycling process improvements. Throughout his years of service to USA, he has provided excellent products and services for the USA Texas location.

Ignacio Norman

Ignacio Norman Picture
Thermal Analyst Engineer
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Ignacio has over 34 years with the Space Shuttle Program. Nacho's extensive entry thermal experience and leadership of Orbiter's thermal subsystem are invaluable asset to our team. He is highly commended for his professionalism, sustained performance and devotion to ensuring crew safety.

Darien Onizuka-Morgan

Darien Onizuka-Morgan Picture
Contracts Administrator
The Boeing Company

From: Houston, Texas

Darien led Boeing's high-performance and multi-disciplinary teams responsible for the proposals and negotiations. Darien has been a key interface with our customer and has worked productively and tirelessly to resolve a wide variety of issues. Her efforts have led directly to recent high award fee scores, including the perfect 100 percent received at the end of the last period.

Susan Perez

Susan Perez Picture
Cargo Mission Manager Support
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Susan is recognized for her exceptional and sustained performance on the USA flight rule evaluation process and Payload Cargo Engineering (PCE) records retention. As the plan was being prepared for program control board approval, she offered an alternative solution modeled after a process that she developed for PCE cargo mission management change request reviews that could be applied to all USA elements. Susan created the integrated tracking matrix adding to the PCE matrix that tracks change requests and responses for all USA elements in support of program control board reviews. These activities significantly contributed to USA's ability to exceed customer expectations and satisfy contractual requirements.

Scott Segadi

Scott Segadi Picture
Space Station Environmental Control Systems Instructor
United Space Alliance

From: Houston, Texas

Scott is recognized for his leadership as co-chair of the space vehicle mock-up facility working group, expedition environmental control and life support system emergency training lead, co-lead for the environmental and thermal operating systems instructor training flow, and environmental control and life support system instructor co-lead representative for emergency splinter joint operations panel. It is expected for an engineer with eight years of experience to co-lead one division level team, but it is unheard of for such a person to lead or co-lead four major efforts with directorate level impacts. Scott ensures that the mission operations directorate has one strategic vision to provide exceptional, quality contributions to the Space Shuttle Program.

Michael Thompson

From: Houston, Texas

Michael is recognized for his outstanding support of the Orion Avionics, Power, and Software Office as the Technical Baseline Integration Lead. He is an invaluable member of the APS office, performing many of the tasks that often go unrecognized but are critical to the Orion project's successes.

Larry Dungan

From: League City, Texas

Larry is recognized for his outstanding efforts leading the development of the Active Response Gravity Offload System. His ability to develop both hardware systems and young engineers magnifies his contributions to human spaceflight.

Heather Hinkel

From: League City, Texas

Heather is recognized for her exemplary leadership of the STORRM DTO Team, as well as tireless devotion and dedication to excellence, enabling delivery of the DTO flight hardware in record time, and for outstanding preparation of the flight crew and ground support team for a successful completion of all the STORRM DTO goals.

Rick Kraesig

Cimarron Software Service

From: League City, Texas

Rick is recognized for his outstanding leadership, initiative, tenacity, and detailed technical expertise in the Mission Control Center and Space/Ground networks in support of 111 Space Shuttle missions, to date. He has provided superior job performance as a Shuttle Mission Control Center Lead Data Flow Engineer and a certified Command Controller. He was also a significant contributor in resolving several "Return to Flight" operational concerns that led to the successful STS-114 and subsequent missions.

Russell Smith


From: League City, Texas

Russell is recognized for his leadership and initiative in developing a Project Server training overview, administering ongoing schedule development and management best practices, and developing himself as the FDOC Project Server subject matter expert. As the subject matter expert, he implemented innovative schedule reporting products that enable FDOC to deliver customer requested products on schedule.

Dera Yockov

From: League City, Texas

Dera is recognized for her outstanding dedication to the NASA mission over her 23 year career at the Johnson Space Center. She has continuously gone beyond her normal work duties to be a part of the team that ensures the well-being and safety of JSC and the Space Shuttle flights.

Teri Hamlin

From: Manvel, Texas

Teri is recognized for her outstanding efforts in the identification and implementation of significant safety improvements to Safety and Mission Assurance products, services, and processes for the Space Shuttle Program.

Steve Farley

From: Missouri City, Texas

Steve is recognized for his outstanding project management during the heaviest construction period since JSC was built in the 1960's. The construction not only included the repair of all hurricane damage sustained in 2008, but in successfully completing JSC's Construction of Facility Program for 2010-2011 to "Green" standards.

Barbara Buentello


From: Pearland, Texas

In recognition for her exemplary administrative support to the Space Life Sciences Directorate. Barbara is a commendable and hard working dedicated employee. She is highly regarded as a valued member and a tremendous asset to the organization.

Leland Dysart


From: Pearland, Texas

Leland is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the building and improvement of the Crew Exploration Vehicle mockups. His work on the Medium Fidelity Crew Exploration Vehicle mockup contributed to the Orion Vehicle Integration Office program goal for engineering evaluation support during the development phase of the Orion.

Stephen Hunter

From: Pearland, Texas

Stephen is recognizaed for his significant contributions to the successful operation of the International Space Station through his dedication and innovation in developing and certifying on-board computer resources.

Ann Cobb

Booz Allen

From: Seabrook, Texas

Ann is recognized for her outstanding support as the Administrative Lead for NASA's International Space Station Test bed for Analog Research project. Her work has been critical in the success of the ISTAR team to meet critical test objective development milestones for the first ISTAR mission on the International Space Station scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Gayle Frere

DB Consulting Group

From: Seabrook, Texas

Gayle is recognized for her 30 plus years of exemplary professionalism and outstanding logistical services for the Johnson Space Center media tours. Her efforts have resulted in a boost to NASA's public image.

Russ Tucker

Diamond Group

From: Seabrook, Texas

Russ is recognized for his significant contributions and service in support of STS missions 107 through 133 as part of the Security Team at JSC. His contributions allow the astronauts and other employees to work in a safe and secure environment.

Faye McKinney


From: Texas City, Texas

Faye is recognized for her outstanding secretarial support to the Constellation Program's Systems Engineering and Integration Office. She represented by a profession good-natured person who always get the job done. Her superb dedication to duty makes her an invaluable asset to NASA.


Andrew S. Allen

Andrew S. Allen Picture
Sr. Statistician, Scientist
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Brigham City, Utah

During his 27-year career with ATK and Thiokol, Andy has spent the majority of his time working on all aspects of the reusable solid rocket motor program including propellant, liner, insulation, nozzle, igniter, case joints, systems tunnel, thrust vector control and booster separation motors. His efforts exemplify the dedication and expertise that go into the Space Shuttle Program and making human spaceflight a highly reliable venture.

Al K. Kartchner

Al K. Kartchner Picture
Lab Technician
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Brigham City, Utah

Al began his career at Thiokol almost 33 years ago in the large motor casting pits. He is considered as one of the best team-focused individuals, a leader among his peers and is one who consistently finds ways to improve the areas where he works. A self-motivated and insightful individual, Al has developed numerous best-practice documents that have helped standardize the work and training of lab technicians.

Clark O. James

Clark O. James Picture
Production Operator
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Hyrum, Utah

Clark is a versatile operator with specific expertise in the preparation of bare metal case hardware for insulation and lining prior to being cast with propellant. He is the work center's go-to operator for many of the processes involved in preparing reusable solid rocket motor cases. As one of the most experienced and skilled operators in Insulation Component Operations, Clark has consistently demonstrated his dedication and value to the Space Shuttle Program by providing our customer with safe, reliable hardware.

Genevieve R. Vlahos

Genevieve R. Vlahos Picture
Traffic Coordinator
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Ogden, Utah

Gen has been instrumental in the implementation of the process system design in the transportation area. She developed reports to indicate progress and identify areas of opportunity that could be corrected quickly. Her efforts led to better scheduling of drivers to improve the timeliness of our transportation of rocket motor segments and ensure materials were at the work cells when required. Gen has been an asset to the success of the reusable solid rocket motor program and always performs at a high level.

R. Lon Hyer

R. Lon Hyer Picture
Design Engineer
ATK Aerospace Systems

From: Smithfield, Utah

Lon has contributed significantly to the success of the reusable solid rocket motor program during his 23 plus years with ATK and has established himself as a valuable team member in the nozzle arena. He has made contributions in seals engineering, post-fire inspection and nozzle engineering, improving the safety and reliability of the solid rocket motor. The exceptional manner in which Lon has carried out his responsibilities exceeds normal requirements and demonstrates great pride in his work.


David Jones

David Jones Picture
Source Evaluation Board Advisor

From: Hampton, Virginia

David has played a pivotal role in bringing the Procurement Officer's vision for a streamlined and effective major acquisition process to reality. The results of his efforts are most noticeable in the contract awards and procurement strategies for a myriad of LARC contracts that directly support human space flight activities at LARC. His personal contributions resulted in significant operational improvements and institutional efficiencies throughout the procurement process.

Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith Picture
Lead Information Technology Specialist

From: Martinsville, Virginia

As the Agency Program Manager for NASA's Outsourcing Desktop Initiative (ODIN), Darryl is responsible for all aspects of program management across the Agency's 10 centers and HQ. Darryl's comprehensive knowledge has been instrumental in providing support to NASA's Human Space Flight Program with IT resources necessary for day-to-day support.

Shann Rufer

AST, Aerothermodynamics

From: Poquoson, Virginia

Shann has significantly contributed to the safe operation of the Space Shuttle orbiter during flight missions, and to the development of future NASA human space flight programs. She is commended for her dedication, professionalism, and significant contributions supporting many Agency space access programs highlighted by her sustained contributions to the Space Shuttle Orbiter Entry Aeroheating Subsystem team, for both mission preparedness and direct mission support with the Damage Assessment Team.


Jerome Phillips

Jerome Phillips Picture
Senior Analyst

From: Bremerton, Washington
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