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May 08, 2010
ISS On-Orbit Status 05/08/10

All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below. Saturday - crew off-duty.

At wake-up, FE-1 Skvortsov performed the regular daily early-morning check of the aerosol filters at the currently running Russian Elektron O2 generator which Maxim Suraev had installed on 10/19/09 in gaps between the BZh Liquid Unit and the oxygen outlet pipe (filter FA-K) plus hydrogen outlet pipe (filter FA-V). [FE-1 again inspected the filters before bedtime, currently a daily requirement per plan, with photographs to be taken if the filter packing is discolored.]

Also after wake-up, FE-6 Creamer & FE-2 Caldwell-Dyson continued their new week-long session of the experiment SLEEP (Sleep-Wake Actigraphy & Light Exposure during Spaceflight), TJ’s 5th, Tracy’s 2nd, transferring data from their Actiwatches to the HRF-1 (Human Research Facility 1) laptop. [To monitor his/her sleep/wake patterns and light exposure, the crewmember wears a special Actiwatch device which measures the light levels encountered by him/her as well as their patterns of sleep and activity throughout the Expedition, using the payload software for data logging and filling in questionnaire entries in the experiment’s laptop session file on the HRF-1 laptop. The log entries are done within 15 minutes of final awakening for seven consecutive days.]

Skvortsov did the daily morning check on the TBU Universal Bioengineering Thermostat container and reported its current internal temperature to TsUP-Moscow.

The station residents completed the regular weekly three-hour task of thorough station cleaning, including COL (Columbus Orbital Laboratory) and Kibo. ["Uborka", usually done on Saturdays, includes removal of food waste products, cleaning of compartments with vacuum cleaner, damp cleaning of the SM (Service Module) dining table, other frequently touched surfaces and surfaces where trash is collected, as well as the sleep stations with a standard cleaning solution; also, fan screens and grilles are cleaned to avoid temperature rises. Special cleaning is also done every 90 days on the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) bacteria filters in the Lab.]

As part of the uborka house cleaning, FE-1 conducted regular maintenance inspection & cleaning of fan screens in the FGB (TsV2) and Group E fan grills in the SM (VPkhO, FS5, FS6, VP).

FE-3 Kornienko completed the routine daily servicing of the SOZh system (Environment Control & Life Support System, ECLSS) in the SM. [Regular daily SOZh maintenance consists, among else, of checking the ASU toilet facilities, replacement of the KTO & KBO solid waste containers and replacement of EDV-SV waste water and EDV-U urine containers.,

Mikhail also checked up on the Russian POTOK-150MK (150 micron) air filter unit of the SM’s SOGS air revitalization subsystem, gathering weekly data on total operating time & “On” durations for reporting to TsUP.

As a VolSci (Voluntary Weekend Science) activity, i.e., on his free time, Soichi conducted the JAXA EPO (Educational Payload Operation) program “Letter”, for which he verified messages on the MLT (MMA {Microgravity Measurement Apparatus} Laptop Terminal), uplinked in a JAXA Letter via ICS (Inter-Orbit Communication System), then took photos of the crew and Earth for downloading on MLT and SSC (Station Support Computer).

At ~8:50am EDT, the crew conducted their regular WPC (Weekly Planning Conference) with the ground, discussing next week's "Look-Ahead Plan" (prepared jointly by MCC-H and TsUP/Moscow timeline planners), via S-band/audio, reviewing upcoming activities and any concerns about future on-orbit events.

At ~10:20am, the three Russian cosmonauts filmed a video for a series of scenes showing cosmonauts living and working onboard the ISS RS (Russian Segment). [The activity is commissioned by Roskosmos in cooperation with the Program “Vremia” (Time) on TV Channel One, to prepare a series of events about Russian cosmonauts working on-board ISS Russian Segment. The videos are being recorded in HDV (High Definition) format, shot by one of the cosmonauts, with Kotov, Skvortsov & Kornienko being interviewed and also showing US crewmembers.]

At ~11:30am, the ISS crew held a teleconference with crewmembers of STS-132/Atlantis/ULF-4, due to visit them on 5/16.

At ~12:00pm, Caldwell-Dyson, Noguchi & Creamer conferred with ground specialists and STS-132 crewmembers to discuss an uplinked ULF-4 Cargo Transfer Choreography outline. [Cargo Master will be CDR Ken Ham, backed up by PLT Tony Antonelli.]

At ~1:01pm, Caldwell-Dyson powered up the SM's amateur radio equipment (Kenwood VHF transceiver with manual frequency selection, headset, & power supply) and at 1:06am conducted a ham radio session with participants at Space Day (Family Day) festivities at the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC, which include presentations (by astronaut Dan Tani and retired astronaut Jay Apt) and a number of hands-on projects for visitors. [ http://www.spaceday.org Space Day: May 7; Space Day Family Day: May 8.]

FE-2 & FE-3 were scheduled for their weekly PFCs (Private Family Conferences) via S-band/audio and Ku-band/MS-NetMeeting application (which displays the uplinked ground video on an SSC laptop), Misha at ~8:30am, Tracy at ~4:10pm EDT.

The crew completed today’s 2-hr. physical workout protocol on the TVIS treadmill (CDR, FE-1, FE-2, FE-3, FE-5, FE-6), ARED advanced resistive exerciser (FE-1, FE-2, FE-5, FE-6), and VELO ergometer bike with bungee cord load trainer (CDR, FE-3).

Weekly Science Update (Expedition Twenty-Three -- Week 7)

3-D SPACE: “Thank you very much, TJ, for completing your last 3D-SPACE session (even earlier than planned ;-). Ground teams confirm that all your experimental data have been successfully downlinked.”

AgCam (Agricultural Camera): No report.

ALTCRISS (Alteino Long Term monitoring of Cosmic Rays on the ISS): Complete.

ALTEA DOSI (NASA/ASI): This ISS backup radiation monitoring system remains non-operational.

APEX (Advanced Plant Experiments on Orbit) -Cambium: No report.

APEX-TAGES (Transgenic Arabidopsis Gene Expression System): No report.

BCAT-4/5 (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test 4/5): No report.

BIOLAB (ESA): No report.

BIORHYTHMS (JAXA, Biological Rhythms): No report.

BISE (CSA, Bodies in the Space Environment): No report.

BISPHOSPHONATES: “Soichi, thanks for completing your pill ingestion.”

CARD (Long Term Microgravity: Model for Investigating Mechanisms of Heart Disease, ESA): No report.

CARDIOCOG-2: Complete.

CB (JAXA Clean Bench): No report.

CBEF (JAXA Cell Biology Experiment Facility)/SPACE SEED: Returned with 19A.

CCISS (Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Control on Return from ISS): No report.

CERISE (JAXA): No report.

CFE (Capillary Flow Experiment): Reserve.

CSI-3/CGBA-5 (CGBA Science Insert #2/Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus 5): Ongoing.

CGBA-2 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus 2): Complete.

CIR (Combustion Integrated Rack), MDCA/Flex: “Here are some preliminary observations from the four test points that were performed on 5/5: Setup: Methanol fuel at a 0.7 atm chamber environment of 25% O2, 15% CO2, and 60% N2: -- Test #1 - Droplet diameter of 4 mm, with no support fiber. Good deployment with low drift. Burn time was between 20 and 25 sec. As diffusive extinction approached the droplet exploded. The droplet burned with a very bright flame. It will be interesting to compare the low light level-ultraviolet, color camera, and radiometer data with the non-CO2 tests. -- Test #2 - Droplet diameter of 3 mm, with no support fiber. Good deployment with low drift. Burn time was between 20 and 25 sec. As diffusive extinction approached the droplet exploded. Flame was visually similar to Test #1. -- Test #3 - Droplet diameter of 3 to 4 mm, with support fiber and translation (3 mm/s). Good deployment and translation. The droplet moved a little on the fiber, and we saw some “sparkling” coming from the droplet. The droplet motion stopped, and it burned for approx.10 sec. after translation stopped. Again explosion prior to extinction. "Lint” was still on the fiber, and we translated the fiber to get a clean spot for deployment. -- Test #4 - Droplet diameter of 3 to 4 mm, with support fiber. Good deployment. The droplet moved a little on the fiber, and again some “sparkling” came from the droplet. The droplet motion stopped, and it burned “quietly” until extinction. Again explosion prior to extinction.”

CSLM-2 (Coarsening in Solid-Liquid Mixtures 2): Complete.

Commercial Photo (JAXA): No report.

CW/CR (Cell Wall/Resist Wall) in EMCS (European Modular Cultivation System): Complete.

DECLIC (Device for the Study of Critical Liquids & Crystallization, CNES/NASA): “During week 7, we have performed 3 meltings and 3 solidifications successfully.”

DomeGene (JAXA): Complete.

DOSIS (ESA): The instrument is nominally acquiring science.

EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students): No report.

EDR (European Drawer Rack, ESA): No report.

ELITE-S2 (Elaboratore Immagini Televisive - Space 2): Planned.

EMCS (European Modular Cultivation System): No report.

ENose (Electronic Nose): No report.

EPM (European Physiology Module): Activated in support of CARD.

EPO (Educational Payload Operations, NASA): No report.

EPO LES-2 (ESA): No report.

EPO 3-min Video (JAXA): No report.

EPO J-Astro Report (JAXA): J-SPACE SCHOOL performed on 5/5 & 5/5.

EPO Dewey’s Forest (JAXA): Closed out on 3/15.

EPO Space Clothes (JAXA): Complete.

EPO Hiten (Dance, JAXA): No report.

EPO Moon Score (JAXA): No report.

EPO Try Zero-G (JAXA): Performed on 5/1 as VolSci.

EPO Kibo Kids Tour (JAXA): Complete.

EPO Paper Craft (Origami, JAXA): No report.

EPO Poem (JAXA): No report.

EPO Spiral Top (JAXA): No report.

ERB-2 (Erasmus Recording Binocular, ESA): [ERB-2 aims are to develop narrated video material for various PR & educational products & events, including a 3D interior station view.]

ETD (Eye Tracking Device): Completed.

FACET (JAXA): No report.

FIR/LMM/CVB (Fluids Integrated Rack / Light Microscopy Module / Constrained Vapor Bubble): “Tracy: Thank you for your excellent work replacing the CVB module on 5/5. We appreciate the detailed information you provided regarding the module's bubble. Also, Tracy, Neff was happy to hear you were thinking about her! Thank you for those words.- Operations with the CVB Module - The Dry mandatory science matrix was successfully completed ahead of schedule. During additional testing intended to collect calibration data for a possible reflight of the 30 mm CVB module (filled with a mixed fluid), we had an anomaly with the cooler. The PI team reports that we can operate with the cooler at ambient and complete the entire mandatory science matrix for the remaining two CVB Modules (the 20 and 40 mm pentane modules). FIR and LMM continue to perform well.”


FOCUS: No report.

FSL (Fluid Science Laboratory, ESA): No report.

FWED (Flywheel Exercise Device, ESA): No report.

GEOFLOW: No report.

HAIR (JAXA): No report.

HDTV System (JAXA): Was delivered by HTV1.

Holter ECG (JAXA): No report.

HQPC (JAXA): Was delivered by 34P.

HREP (HICO/Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean & RAIDS/Remote Atmospheric & Ionospheric Detection System/JAXA): HREP is operating nominally and 929 images have been taken to date.


ICV (Integrated Cardiovascular): No report.

IMMUNO (Neuroendocrine & Immune Responses in Humans During & After Long Term Stay at ISS): Complete.


InSPACE-2 (Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions 2): No report.

IRIS (Image Reversal in Space, CSA): No report.

IV Gen (Intravenous Fluids Generation): “TJ & Tracy: Thanks for all the good work this week. You made us 2 saline samples which are stowed for downmass and 4 purified water samples generated and reclaimed. The preliminary review of the data shows that uniform mixing of saline samples was achieved within 5 minutes of filling the bag. Conductivity data indicates good purity of the water after filtration, and our ground testing of the samples will verify the cleanliness of the saline solution. Video data shows that the two-phase flow separators in the system provide efficient removal of bubbles.”

KID/KUBIK6: “Thanks, TJ, for your support for the KID / KUBIK6 commissioning activities!”

LOCAD-PTS (Lab-on-a-Chip Application Development-Portable Test System): No report.

Marangoni UVP (JAXA): Performed the 10th run successfully (by ground commanding) on 4/17-4/18.

Matryoshka-2: “Thank you Alexander, Mikhail and Soichi for setting up the MATROSHKA phantom with fresh / new dosimeters and installing it at its new location in Kibo. We are very excited that a new series of radiation is now started !”

Marangoni UVP: No report.

MAXI (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image, JAXA): Acquiring science data.

MEIS (Marangoni Experiment for ISS) in JAXA FPEF (Fluid Physics Experiment Facility): No report.

MDCA/Flex: See under CIR.

Microbe-1 (JAXA): No report.

Micro-G Clay (JAXA EPO): Complete.

MMA (JAXA/Microgravity Measurement Apparatus): No report.

MISSE7 (Materials ISS Experiment): MISSE7 is operating nominally.

MPAC/SEED (JAXA): Completed on 19A FD4.

MSG-SAME (Microgravity Science Glovebox): Complete.

MSL (Materials Science Laboratory, ESA): “The CETSOL#6 SCA has been successfully processed until 4/30. Thank you, Tracy, for inserting the last SCA (MICAST#7). Getting closer to a successful completion of CETSOL/MICAST experimental program!”

MTR-2 (Russian radiation measurements): Passive dosimeters measurements in DC-1 “Pirs”.

MULTIGEN-1: Completed.

MYCO 1 (JAXA): 19A completed Myco1 sampling for FE5, FE6, PLT, MS1, and MS4 on FD11."

MyoLab (JAXA): Completed on 4/20.

NANOSKELETON (Production of High Performance Nanomaterials in Microgravity, JAXA): Returned on 19A.

NEURORAD (JAXA): The sample was fixed and installed in MELFI on 5/6.

NEUROSPAT (ESA/Study of Spatial Cognition, Novelty Processing and Sensorimotor Integration): No report.

NOA-1/-2 (Nitric Oxide Analyzer, ESA): Complete.


PADLES (JAXA, Area PADLES 3/4; Passive Area Dosimeter for Lifescience Experiment in Space): No report.

PASSAGES (JAXA): “Thanks, Soichi, for completing your 2nd and last session. Despite the lack of video coverage due to the COL DMS anomaly, the science team on the ground has expressed a big thank you as first test subject for this experiment.”

PCDF-PU (Protein Crystallization Diagnostic Facility - Process Unit): No report.

PCG (JAXA, Protein Crystal Growth): No report.

PCRF (Protein Crystallization Research Facility) Reconfiguration (JAXA): Complete.

PMDIS (Perceptual Motor Deficits in Space): Complete.


Pro K: No report.

RadGene & LOH (JAXA): Complete.

RadSilk (JAXA): Samples were returned to ground on ULF3.

RST/Reaction Self Test (Psychomotor Vigilance Self Test on the ISS): “Tracy, TJ and Soichi: Thank you for your continued participation in Reaction Self Test.”

SAIBO Rack (JAXA): A CGSE/CBEF CO2 leak check has been completed.

SAMS/MAMS (Space & Microgravity Acceleration Measurement Systems): No report.

SAMPLE: Complete.

SCOF (Solution Crystallization Observation Facility, JAXA): No report.

SEDA-AP (Space Environment Data Acquisition Equipment-Attached Payload, JAXA): Returned on 19A.

SHERE (Shear History Extensional Rheology Experiment): Complete.

SLAMMD (Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device): No report.

SLEEP (Sleep-Wake Actigraphy & Light Exposure during Spaceflight): “Tracy and TJ: Thanks for performing your Sleep logging this week.”

SMILES (JAXA): SLOC (submillimeter local oscillator controller) troubleshooting is underway.

SODI/IVIDIL (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument/Influence of Vibration on Diffusion in Liquids, ESA): No report.

SODI/DSC (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument/Diffusion Soret Coefficient): No report.

SOLAR (Solar Monitoring Observatory): Currently out of Sun observation window.

SOLO (Sodium Loading in Microgravity): No report.

Space-DRUMS: No report.

SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellite): No report.

SPICE (Smoke Point In Co-flow Experiment): No report.

SPINAL (Spinal Elongation): No report.

SWAB (Characterization of Microorganisms & Allergens in Spacecraft): No report.

THERMOLAB (ESA): No report.

TRAC (Test of Reaction & Adaptation Capabilities): Planned.


VASCULAR (CSA): No report.

VO2max (NASA): “Tracy, we have found a solution to the severed RVU O-ring for your next session. The session will once again be split up over two days and on Day 1 you will setup the hardware in the Lab and implement a temporary o-ring replacement. We have incorporated your inputs to the procedures and increased time for some activities. Thank you also for the pictures of the hardware stowage configuration. New O-rings will be launched on ULF4.”

VLE (Video Lessons ESA): No report.

WAICO #1/#2 (Waving and Coiling of Arabidopsis Roots at Different g-levels): “Since 4/28 and for 4 days, the seeds have undergone firstly germination and then growth under 1-g stimulus for all the WAICO#2 Cultivation Bowls. On 5/2, all WAICO#2 Cultivation Bowls have been tilted by 45deg angle, and the rotor B has been stopped, while Rotor A was kept spinning the WAICO#2 samples at 1-g. The tilting of the Cultivation Bowls ensures that all samples get identical illumination conditions, and that waving and coiling of the plant roots is developing as plants grow. Until 5/4, daily video observations have been performed on all the ECs, to monitor the growth of the plants. The WAICO#2 experiment has progressed nominally until 5/5, when a failure of the COL DMS has caused us a minor science impact. The COL DMS is recovered, and the science team on the ground is currently assessing the latest images of the plants to confirm the timing of the WAICO#2 close-out activities.”

YEAST B (ESA): No report.

CEO (Crew Earth Observations): Through 5/3, a total of 21,302 frames of ISS CEO imagery have been received on the ground for review and cataloging. “Since our last input, we are pleased to report your acquisition of imagery for the following CEO Target Requests: Tarawa Atoll, Kiribati – under review; Vaiaku Village, Funafuti, Tuvalu – excellent imagery acquired – requirements met for this target; Bangui, Central African Republic – imagery requirements met for this target; Brasilia, Brazil – under review; Ubinas Volcano, Peru – under review; Panama City, Panama – under review; Cordillera Blanca Glaciers, Peru – under review; Ampato Glaciers, Peru – under review; Montevideo, Uruguay – under review; Buenos Aires, Argentina – under review; Johannesburg, South Africa – under review; Antananarivo, Madagascar – under review; Porto Praya, Santiago, Cape Verde Islands – fine imagery – requirements for this target are complete; and Uluru (Ayers Rock), Northern Territories, Australia – multiple, excellent views – requirements for this target are also complete. -- Thank you for your excellent responses to our target requests. Late this morning we received your stunning oblique views of the oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico. They were acquired late in the day 5/4. We have provided PAO with interpretation of them and one of the images will be published shortly on NASA/GSFC's Earth Observatory website. Thanks for your extraordinary effort to acquire and share this unique and timely view of major news and environmental event.”

CEO (Crew Earth Observation) photo targets uplinked for today were Delhi, India (looking slightly to the left of track for this Indian megacity. Some haze was likely to be present over the urban area. Overlapping context frames of the Delhi metropolitan area and surroundings were requested), Cairo, Egypt (weather was predicted to be clear over the eastern Mediterranean region. Looking to the left of track for Cairo metropolitan area and Nile River delta. Short-lens imagery of the region will provide useful context for higher resolution imagery), Amman, Jordan (approximately one minute after ISS encountered the Nile River delta, the crew had a near-nadir pass over the capital city of Jordan. Context imagery of the city was requested), Baku, Azerbaijan (weather was predicted to be clear over this capital city. Looking to the right of track; the city is located on a small peninsula that extends into the Caspian Sea. Context imagery of the city was requested), Megafans Central Algeria (ISS passed over the southeasternmost Central Algerian megafans. Looking for sinuous dry river channels that interfinger across the landscape. Overlapping nadir-viewing mapping frames, taken along track, were requested), and Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico (Dynamic Event. Weather over the eastern Gulf of Mexico continues to clear, providing an opportunity for imagery of the ongoing oil spill. Looking to the left of track as ISS approached the Mississippi Delta; mapping frames of the current extent of the spill were requested).

ISS Orbit (as of this morning, 6:38am EDT [= epoch])
Mean altitude – 348.0 km
Apogee height – 354.5 km
Perigee height – 341.6 km
Period -- 91.50 min.
Inclination (to Equator) -- 51.64 deg
Eccentricity -- 0.000959
Solar Beta Angle -- 35.2 deg (magnitude decreasing)
Orbits per 24-hr. day -- 15.74
Mean altitude loss in the last 24 hours -- 93 m
Revolutions since FGB/Zarya launch (Nov. 98) – 65,721
Significant Events Ahead (all dates Eastern Time and subject to change):
--------------Six-crew operations-----------------
05/10/10 -- Progress M-04M/36P undock (7:16am EDT)
05/12/10 – Soyuz TMA-17/21S relocation (FGB Nadir to SM Aft) (9:15am)
05/14/10 -- STS-132/Atlantis/ULF4launch (~2:19pm EDT) – ICC-VLD, MRM-1 “Rassvet”
05/26/10 -- STS-132/Atlantis/ULF4 nominal landing (KSC ~8:36 am EDT)
06/02/10 -- Soyuz TMA-17/21S undock/landing (End of Increment 23)
-------------- Three-crew operations -------------
06/14/10 -- Soyuz TMA-19/23S launch – Wheelock (CDR-25)/Walker/Yurchikhin
06/17/10 -- Soyuz TMA-19/23S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-----------------
06/28/10 -- Progress M-06M/38P launch
06/30/10 -- Progress M-06M/38P docking
07/07/10 -- US EVA-15 (Caldwell/Wheelock)
07/23/10 -- Russian EVA-25 (Yurchikhin/Kornienko)
07/26/10 -- Progress M-05M/37P undock
08/30/10 -- Progress M-06M/38P undock
08/31/10 -- Progress M-07M/39P launch
09/02/10 -- Progress M-07M/39P docking
09/16/10 -- STS-133/Discovery launch (ULF5 – ELC4, PMM)
09/16/10 -- Soyuz TMA-18/22S undock/landing (End of Increment 24)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
09/30/10 -- Soyuz TMA-20/24S launch – Kelly (CDR-26)/Kaleri/Skripochka
10/02/10 -- Soyuz TMA-20/24S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
10/xx/10 -- Russian EVA-26
10/27/10 -- Progress M-08M/40P launch
10/29/10 -- Progress M-08M/40P docking
TBD -- STS-134/Endeavour (ULF6 – ELC3, AMS-02)
11/26/10 -- Soyuz TMA-19/23S undock/landing (End of Increment 25)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
12/10/10 -- Soyuz TMA-21/25S launch – Kondratyev (CDR-27)/Coleman/Nespoli
12/12/10 -- Soyuz TMA-21/25S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
12/15/10 -- Progress M-07M/39P undock
12/26/10 -- Progress M-08M/40P undock
12/27/10 -- Progress M-09M/41P launch
12/29/10 -- Progress M-09M/41P docking
03/16/11 -- Soyuz TMA-20/24S undock/landing (End of Increment 26)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
03/30/11 -- Soyuz TMA-22/26S launch – A. Borisienko (CDR-28)/R, Garan/A.Samokutayev
04/01/11 -- Soyuz TMA-22/26S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
04/27/11 -- Progress M-09M/41P undock
04/28/11 -- Progress M-10M/42P launch
04/30/11 -- Progress M-10M/42P docking
05/16/11 -- Soyuz TMA-21/25S undock/landing (End of Increment 27)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
05/31/11 -- Soyuz TMA-23/27S launch – M. Fossum (CDR-29)/S. Furukawa/S. Volkov
06/01/11 -- Soyuz TMA-23/27S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
06/21/11 -- Progress M-11M/43P launch
06/23/11 -- Progress M-11M/43P docking
08/30/11 -- Progress M-12M/44P launch
09/01/11 -- Progress M-12M/44P docking
09/16/11 – Soyuz TMA-22/26S undock/landing (End of Increment 28)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
09/30/11 -- Soyuz TMA-24/28S launch
10/02/11 – Soyuz TMA-24/28S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
10/28/11 -- Progress M-13M/45P launch
10/30/11 -- Progress M-13M/45P docking
11/11/11 -- Soyuz TMA-23/27S undock/landing (End of Increment 29)
--------------Three-crew operations-------------
11/25/11 -- Soyuz TMA-25/29S launch
11/27/11 -- Soyuz TMA-25/29S docking
--------------Six-crew operations-------------
12/??/11 -- 3R Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) w/ERA – on Proton.