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Table 1. Some significant Space Events in 2001
Designation Date Country Event
Shenzhou 2 January 9 P.R. of China Second uncrewed test flight & recovery, after 108 orbits, of an experimental manned capsule for use by "taikonauts", with a monkey, a dog, a rabbit and snails.
STS-98 (Atlantis) February 7 United States ISS mission 5A with the $1.4-billion US Laboratory module Destiny. Docking at the station was on 2/9 and Lab installation at the Node on 2/10.
STS-102 (Discovery) March 8 United States ISS mission 5A.1, first "crew rotation" flight, carrying Expedition 2 crew, resupply & science racks, in multi-purpose logistics module (MPLM) Leonardo (1st flight).
Mars Odyssey April 7 United States Launch of the 2001 Mars probe Odyssey on a Delta-2 for a six-month, 286-million miles voyage to the Red Planet. Arrived successfully on October 24.
GSat 1 April 18 India First launch of new GSLV rocket with Russian-built 3rd stage. Geosynchronous comsat GSat1 did not reach correct orbit due 3rd stage engine underperformance.
STS-100 (Endeavour) April 19 United States ISS mission 6A, with the Canadian-built robotarm Canadarm2 and 2nd MPLM, Raffaello, on its 1st flight. The crane-like manipulator was installed on 4/22.
Soyuz TM-32/ISS 2S April 28 Russia Launch of 1st "taxi flight" to ISS, bringing a "fresh" Soyuz crew return vehicle (CRV) and carrying the world's first paying "space tourist", U.S. businessman Dennis Tito.
MAP June 30 United States NASA's Microwave Anisotropy Mission, launched on a Delta-2, to measure temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background from L2 libration point.
STS-104 (Atlantis) July 12 United States ISS mission 7A, carrying the Joint Airlock Quest, which was installed at the ISS Node on 7/14. Arrival of Quest marked end of ISS Phase 2, begin of Phase 3.
Artemis July 12 Europe Launch of the 10th Ariane 5, with the technological comsat Artemis & broadcast satellite B-Sat2b. Both left in lower orbits as planned due to upper stage failure.
Genesis August 8 United States Launch of interplanetary probe Genesis on a Delta-2 to the first Earth-Sun libration point L1 to collect samples of the solar wind and return them in September 2004.
STS-105 (Discovery) August 10 United States ISS mission 7A.1, 2nd crew rotation, carrying Leonardo (2nd flight) and replacing Expedition 2 crew with Expedition 3. Also conducted two spacewalks.
DC-1/ISS 4R September 14 Russia Launch of the Russian docking compartment DC-1 "Pirs" on a Soyuz-U. Installed at Service Module Zvezda on 9/16. This also added a 2nd airlock for spacewalks.
Soyuz TM-33/ISS 3S October 21 Russia Launch of 2nd "taxi" flight to ISS, with new Soyuz CRV and a paying "guest" cosmonaut, researcher Claudie Haigneré from CNES/France. Returned on TM-32.
STS-108 (Endeavour) December 5 United States ISS mission UF-1, 1st utilization flight to ISS, with MPLM Raffaello and 4th expeditionary crew, to "rotate" with Expedition 3 after its 128-days stay in space.