Exploration 101
"We are explorers. Our curiosity propels us to push the frontiers of human possibility and imagination. This is the core of NASA's mission - We dare to explore."

      - Michael D. Griffin         NASA Administrator
        April, 2008

As NASA designs and builds the next fleet of space exploration vehicles, public interest builds and curiosity piques. What are NASA's plans for the future of space exploration? How are goals developed, missions planned? What is the timeline?

Exploration 101 Great questions! But how does a team of human researchers, rocket engineers and robotic analysts communicate what they're doing without a series of matrices, blueprints and really hi-tech calculators?

Enter Exploration 101, NASA's latest hard-copy communiqué to the general public. This exquisite booklet is fashioned with the latest real and conceptual imagery, and begins with memories of the past before delving into NASA's exploration strategies and challenges for lunar living and beyond. Readers also gain valuable insight into the new crew and cargo launch vehicles, lunar lander and various rovers. Start reading now!

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