The Vision

vision for space exploration
The Vision for Space Exploration

NASA is moving forward with a new focus for the manned space program.

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Exploration History

Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)
This Month in Exploration

Visit every month to find out how aviation and space exploration have improved life for humans on Earth and in space.

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nasa's 50th
NASA's 50th Anniversary

NASA will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on October 1, 2008. Join us as we celebrate the past and look forward to a promising new era of inspiration, innovation, and discovery.

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NASA’s Exploration Experience Trailer

NASA’s Exploration Experience begins with a simulated visit to the moon where explorers will build a lunar outpost and touch an actual moon rock. Visitors will also explore a virtual model of the moon, interacting with the lunar surface to learn about NASA’s research and future plans for exploration. The second section of the exhibit features a hexagonal, interactive theater that introduces visitors to NASA’s plan of returning to the moon in new vehicles currently being developed to create a working environment that will help ensure safer, more effective future exploration into the solar system. Highlighted are NASA-inspired technologies that have led to the improvement of the quality of life on Earth.

General Specifications

  • 30’ x 80’ (with tractor)
  • 30’ x 60’ (without tractor)
Electrical Requirements:
  • One 240 Volt 200 Amp single phase drop
  • Shore power required for indoor use
Special Notes
  • A minimum ceiling height of 15’ is required
  • A 10’ wide door into exhibit area is required
  • Indoor venue must be rated to hold 80,000 lbs.
  • This exhibit is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Assembly Specifications

Assembly Equipment Required:
  • Various hand tools
Labor Required:
  • Two people
  • Electrician required for indoor venues
Assembly Time:
  • Approximately four to six hours
Assembly Notes:
  • One Exhibit Specialist travels with the exhibit handles most set-up and take-down
  • Instructions for assembly/setup are included
Accessibility Notes
  • This exhibit is ADA compliant and offers motorized and non-motorized wheelchair accessibility
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