What We Do

Before we build the vehicles and equipment we’ll need to go back to the moon and beyond, NASA must first thoughtfully put together a foundation of requirements and data from which to work from. This information is formulated across many levels, including the Directorate, program, and project levels. All this information needs to be pulled cohesively together for the greatest success. Consequently, ESMD’s Directorate Integration Office works to integrate the broad spectrum of technical areas generated across these many levels.

The DIO…
  • Develops and maintains the directorate-level exploration requirements document
  • Oversees requirements integration across all ESMD programs, including integrating program requirements, architecture, and trade studies
  • Conducts, tracks, and participates in architecture analysis and trade studies, and associated modeling and simulation
  • Integrates systems engineering and program-level and technology protection policies at the Directorate level
  • Provides both technical and program analyses
Managing risk is an important part of conducting successful missions and keeping astronauts safe. DIO assists with this by managing and coordinating risk and knowledge management activities across the Directorate’s programs and projects.

The DIO also manages the Integrated Technology (IT) design needed for successful exploration, as well as providing daily IT management at the Directorate level. Additionally, across levels as needed, DIO coordinates and/or provides integration with the Office of the Chief Engineer and the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. In addition, it maintains ESMD’s Research and Technology (R&T) Plan.

Finally, DIO plays an important role in managing and coordinating resources that will be transitioned to the exploration effort from other NASA programs, including the Space Shuttle program.