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Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT)


The Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission brings together two communities focused on a better understanding of the world's oceans and its terrestrial surface waters. U.S. and French oceanographers and hydrologists have joined forces to develop this new space mission to make the first global survey of Earth's surface water, observe the fine details of the ocean's surface topography, and measure how water bodies change over time. SWOT was one of 15 missions listed in the 2007 National Research Council Decadal Survey of Earth science as missions that NASA should implement in the coming decade.

The SWOT satellite mission with its wide-swath altimetry technology is a means of completely covering the world's oceans and freshwater bodies with repeated high-resolution elevation measurements. SWOT is a truly multi-disciplinary cooperative international effort.

Review Status: SWOT was chartered as a project review by the SMD. The SWOT SRR is scheduled for August/September, 2013.
Review Manager: Bo Trieu

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