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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
February 24, 2014


History of SCaN and SBIR

Each year, the federal government invests approximately $2.5 billion in technology development through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs. NASA's SBIR and STTR Programs represent an investment of approximately $130 million. The SBIR program is multi-phase with a primary purpose of guiding low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) research to higher TRL development activities for infusion into NASA missions and potential commercialization.

SCaN program involvement with the SBIR program has been ongoing since 2005 resulting in a SCaN SBIR Technology Portfolio currently consisting of 88 Phase I and 49 Phase II awards. These awards are distributed across multiple technology disciplines and represent a significant total investment. Further, these awards are aligned such that near, mid and far term SCaN technology needs are being met.

To minimize technology duplication and maximize portfolio content and synergy, SCaN examines its SBIR Technology portfolio once a year. Of course, at times, it is desireable for two awards to be developing similar technologies so that a choice is created. With a minimal expenditure of resources and a yearly SBIR technology portfolio analysis, SCaN is able to target technology development in high need areas and adapt to a changing technology landscape in a reasonable timeframe. The SBIR program provides the SCaN program a mechanism to develop and assess new technologies targeted towards identified needs which can then be accounted for during annual technology planning sessions.

For more information concerning past communication and navigation SBIR topics, contact:

Jim Stegeman

Afroz Zaman

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› 2011 SBIR Commercialization Workshop

2010 SBIR Commercialization Workshop

Title Presenter
SCaN SBIR Technology Approach James Stegeman
Space Communications and Navigation SBIR Commercialization Workshop Glenn A. Delgado
SBIR Technology Applications to Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Phil Liebrecht
SCaN SBIR Technology Commercialization Workshop Luis A. Mederos
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SCaN Antenna Technology Catalog

A catalog highlighting the SCaN SBIR investments in antenna technologies has been completed. The catalog captures Phase I and Phase II investments during the 2005-2012 timeframe. This is the first in a series of focused technology catalogs to be published this year. Additional areas will include Software Defined Radios, Navigation technologies, Optical Communications and RF Communication technologies.
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Development and technology activi2ties around SCaN
Development and technology activities around SCaN
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