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Proctor and Gamble Seeking Particle Spraying Technology
March 19, 2014

Proctor and Gamble is seeking packaging/dispensing technologies that can easily and evenly dispense 60-650 micron size irregular shape particles suspended in shear thinning fluids in a controlled fashion.


Widely used trigger sprayer offers ease of use, great control of dosing and application for fluids. They work well for fluids with smaller size particles suspended, however, if the particle size is larger and/or they are irregular shaped, spraying such fluids evenly is more challenging.

We are looking for:

Novel sprayer/dispenser (i.e.: trigger sprayers, pumps, press and spray, etc.) type packaging technologies/innovations to deliver/spray larger & irregular particles suspended in shear thinning fluids with precision dosing control.

Packaging technologies/innovations should meet following requirements:

  • Ability to dispense particle size range of 60um–650um from shear thinning fluid with viscosity range of 150-250cP
  • Easy and convenient to use (trigger sprayer is a good example) with no health risks (such as inhalation concerns). Particle size should be no smaller then 50um.
  • Open to different methods of spray/dispersion mechanisms; however, we are not looking for pressurized systems like aerosol.
  • Preference is for technologies/innovations that use mechanical energy (push, pull, press, squeeze type activities in hand) that provide consumer with sense of control when spraying/dispersing the product.
  • Though we will consider some development if necessary, a well developed technology and/or currently in-market technology would be ideal.

We are not looking for:

  • Pressurized systems are not of interest at this time.
  • Not interested in widely used Aerosol spray technology
  • Not interested in refillable appliances/devices

If you have any leads on such technologies, please contact Mark Evans (evans.me.3@pg.com) by April 18, 2014. Feel free to forward this brief to others who might have potential solution toward our need.

 Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted for review.

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