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President Barack Obama on NASA's Day of Remembrance
January 31, 2014

[image-51]On this Day of Remembrance, we join the American people in honoring the men and women of NASA who have given their lives in our nation’s space program.  Our exploration of space has expanded our knowledge of the universe, improved our lives here on Earth and been a source of inspiration and pride for generations of Americans.  Today, we remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in these endeavors.

We hope that the families, friends and colleagues of those we’ve lost will find some comfort in knowing that their loved ones will always be heroes to a grateful nation – that their passion and courage continue to inspire us to push the boundaries of our imagination and meet grand challenges with joy, here on Earth and among the heavens.  Guided by their brave example, the United States will remain a nation of explorers, now and forever.


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President Barack Obama on NASA's Day of Remembrance
President Barack Obama
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Pete Souza
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