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NASA-Boeing Team Wins Big at Advanced Materials Expo
October 17, 2014

[image-69]On Tuesday, October 14, NASA and Boeing received the Combined Strength Award for composites excellence (ACE) for their work in composite cryotanks during the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) in Orlando, Fla. CAMX is the largest composites industry trade show and conference held in North America.

The award was given to the Composite Cryogenic Technology Demonstration (CCTD) project for utilizing innovative manufacturing and design techniques to build the largest composite liquid hydrogen fuel tank built out of autoclave. The project, funded by the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate’s Game Changing Development Program, has led to a potential 30 percent weight savings and a 25 percent cost savings, allowing insertion of higher mass payloads to low Earth orbit and beyond.

According to CAMX, this new award recognizes “the cutting-edge innovations and innovators that are shaping the future of composites and advanced materials in the marketplace." The entries were judged on the following: concept and design, value, impact, production and delivery collaboration.

The collaborative effort between NASA and Boeing on this project was particularly highlighted.

"Receiving an award from the largest audience focused on composites and advanced materials gives us great pride,” said Dan Rivera, Boeing program manager for CCTD. “I'd like to congratulate our strong NASA and Boeing team.”

“We are honored to receive this distinguished award,” added John Vickers, NASA’s CCTD project manager. "Our government and industry team has been very resilient to overcome adversity to be successful and bring new life to the composite tank technology.”

Vickers and Rivera accepted the award together.

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VIckers and Rivera at Camx.
NASA Project Manager John Vickers and Boeing Program Manager Dan Rivera accept the Combined Strength Award for Composites Excellence for the Composite Cryogenic Technology Demonstration at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo in Orlando, Fla.
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