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NASA 2014 Early Stage Innovations
November 18, 2014

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Principal Investigator University Research Topic
Agogino, Alice University of California, Berkeley Precision Hopping/Rolling Robotic Surface Probe Based on Tensegrity Structures
Close, Sigrid Stanford University Asteroid surface resource characterization through distributed plasma analysis of meteoroid impact ejecta
Delplanque, Jean-Pierre University Of California, Davis Development of Physics-Based Numerical Models for Uncertainty Quantification of Selective Laser Melting Processes
Elwany, Alaa Texas A&M University Control of Variability in the Performance of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Parts through Microstructure Control and Design
Evans, Thomas West Virginia University Robotic In-Situ Surface Exploration System (RISES)
Fletcher, Douglas University Of Vermont Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ablation Kinetics
Gertsch, Leslie Missouri University of Science and Technology Laboratory Demonstration and Test of Solar Thermal Asteroid ISRU
Martin, Alexandre University Of Kentucky Model Development and Experimental Validation of Reactive Gas and Pyrolysis Product Interactions with Hot Carbon Chars
Minton, Timothy Montana State University Uncovering the Chemical Processes during Atmospheric Entry of a Carbon/Phenolic Ablator: Laboratory Studies by In Situ Mass Spectrometric and Molecular Beam Techniques
Roberts, Ronald Iowa State University Computational Modeling of Nondestructive Evaluation, Defect Detection, and Defect Identification for CFRP Composite Materials
Winglee, Robert University Of Washington Europa Kinetic Ice Penetrator (EKIP)

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