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September 9, 2013

Below is the text from the LADEE infographic.



A spacecraft designed developed built and tested at NASA’s Ames Research Center in the Silicon Valley.

LADEE is a robotic mission to orbit the moon and provide unprecedented information about the lunar environment, giving scientists a better understanding of other planetary bodies in our solar system.

During the Apollo Program, astronauts noticed a mysterious glow during the lunar sunrise above the moon’s horizon. Dust electrically charged by sunlight may be the source of moon’s horizon glow.

We know the Earth’s atmosphere is made mostly of Oxygen and Nitrogen ...But we don’t know what makes up the moon’s atmosphere.

The Moon’s atmosphere is significantly thinner than Earth’s. LADEE will dip into the lunar atmosphere... helping Scientists better understand small planetary bodies found in the solar system... like Mars’ moons Phobos and Deimos, large asteroids and other outer planetary bodies.

The Mission Duration totals 160 days: 30 days spent traveling to the moon, 30 days in the Lunar Orbit Phase, and 100 days in the scientific operations phase.

LADEE weighs 844 pounds and is powered by 295 watts. The spacecraft is about the length of a small car and about the power of 5 60-watt light bulbs.

LADEE is a revolutionary spacecraft system called  a “Modular Common Spacecraft Bus!” This is an innovative way to manufacture and assemble a spacecraft from modular components... avoiding the high cost of design.

The design introduces parallel assembly, allowing for synchronized development and testing of modules ...significantly shortening the time between design and launch.

LADEE is the first mission to launch on the Minotaur V ...An American expendable launch vehicle. NASA’s Ames Research Center is managing the LADEE Mission, and will perform mission operations after the launch. Learn more about LADEE: www.nasa.gov/ladee

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