King Sound on Northwest Coast of Australia

ISS040-E-089959 (8 Aug. 2014) --- King Sound on the northwest coast of Australia is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 40 crew member on the International Space Station. The Fitzroy River, one of Australia's largest, empties into the Sound, a large gulf in Western Australia (approximately 120 kilometers long). King Sound has the highest tides in Australia, in the range of 11-12 meters, the second highest in the world after the Bay of Fundy on the east coast of North America. The strong brown smudge at the head of the Sound contrasts with the clearer blue water along the rest of the coast. This is mud stirred up by the tides and also supplied by the Fitzroy River. The bright reflection point of the sun obscures the blue water of the Indian Ocean (top left). Just to the west of the Sound, thick plumes of wildfire smoke, driven by northeast winds, obscure the coastline. A wide field of “popcorn cumulus” clouds (right) is a common effect of daily heating of the ground surface.

Photo credit: NASA

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