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Ivanoe (Southern Indian Ocean)
April 7, 2014

[image-51]NASA Catches Short-Lived Tropical Storm Ivanoe

Tropical Storm Ivanoe formed in the Southern Indian Ocean on April 5 and didn't last more than a day, but NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission captured rainfall data on the short-lived storm. Within 24 hours the tropical storm transitioned into an extra-tropical storm.

On April 5 at 1500 UTC/11 a.m. EDT, Ivanoe's maximum sustained winds were near 40 knots/46.3 mph/74.0 kph. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center placed the center of Ivanoe near 21.3 south and 83.3 east, about 960 nautical miles southwest of Cocos Island. Ivanoe tracked south-southeastward at 18 knots/20.7 mph/33.3 kph.

Animated multispectral satellite imagery on April 5 showed that the majority of Ivanoe's strongest thunderstorms were being pushed or sheared to the southeast from strong northwesterly wind shear. 

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory combined rainfall data from NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite known as TRMM with infrared cloud data from the METEO-7 satellite. METEO-7 is managed by EUMETSAT, the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

The combination satellite image from April 5 at 2031 UTC/4:31 p.m. EDT showed rain near 1 inch/25 mm per hour east and south of the center. The rainfall data was overlaid on infrared data from the METEO-7 satellite depicting the clouds associated with the tropical storm.  

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued its fifth and final warning on Ivanoe on April 6 at 1500 UTC. At that time, Ivanoe was centered near 30.3S south and 88.7 east, about 1,664 nautical miles south-southeast of Diego Garcia. Ivanoe was speeding to the south-southeast at 28 knots/32.2 mph/51.8 kph and had maximum sustained winds near 40 knots/46.0 mph/74.0 kph.

By the end of the day on April 6, Ivanoe became extra-tropical.

Text credit:  Rob Gutro
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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Tropical Storm Ivanoe
This combination TRMM and METEO-7 satellite image shows rain rates in Tropical Storm Ivanoe on April 5 were near 1 inch/25 mm per hour east and south of the center.
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