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Danas (Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
October 30, 2013

NASA Observes Typhoon Danas in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean [image-51]

Tropical Storm Danas formed north of Guam on Oct. 4 as a depression. Danas strengthened from depression status and was the twenty-third tropical depression of the typhoon season in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Tropical Depression 23W developed on Oct. 3 and organized and strengthened into Danas by Oct. 4.

On Oct. 4 at 1500 UTC, Danas had maximum sustained winds near 35 knots/40 mph/64.8 kph. At that time it was about   210 nautical miles north of Andersen Air Force Base, Guam and moving to the west-northwest.

In two days, by Oct. 6, Danas had strengthened into a typhoon with maximum sustained winds near 85 knots/97 mph/157.4 kph, but it had moved away from Andersen Air Force Base, Okinawa. It was then 477 nautical miles away from Okinawa, near 22.0 north and 135.0 east. Danas was about 160 miles in diameter.

Danas moved northwest and intensified after passing Okinawa. The typhoon then began to curve northeast. On Oct. 8 at 4:20 UTC/12:20 a.m. EDT the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer or MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite captured a visible image of Typhoon Danas between Korea and Japan. 

On Oct. 8, Danas was moving east of the island of Jeju, and between southern Japan and South Korea- into the Sea of Japan. Dana's maximum sustained winds had dropped to 65 knots/74 mph/ 120.4 kph and it was just 97 nautical miles west of Sasebo, Japan. 

Before Danas entered the Korea Strait it began to experience stronger wind shear from the north. The system also began undergoing extra-tropical transition as a result of the wind shear and tracking over cooler waters.

Text credit:  Rob Gutro
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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Typhoon Danas
On Oct. 8 at 4:20 UTC the MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite captured this visible image of Typhoon Danas between Korea and Japan.
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NASA MODIS Rapid Response
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