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Cost Analysis Division wins HQ Honors Award for JCL Tool Development
January 2, 2013

The Cost Analysis Division, along with members from support contractors Booz Allen Hamilton and Tecolote Research Inc., were selected to receive the civil service/contractor team award at the HQ Honors awards ceremony for JCL Tool Development.  The HQ Honors Awards recognize civil service, contractor employees, and teams who made exemplary contributions to the Headquarters mission or to the welfare of NASA employees. 

In 2009, NASA instituted a new policy requiring space flight projects and programs to develop joint cost and schedule confidencelevels, building on traditional cost and schedule estimating practices in a probabilistic process that addresses a project’s level of risk and uncertainty. This new cost and schedule analysis method – yielding a Joint Confidence Level (JCL) that a program/project should meet specified cost and schedule goals – is required to support definition of the Agency’s baseline commitments. As NASA began implementing the requirement it became apparent that there was a need for new analytical tools to support this analysis. Existing commercial tools were available but lacked the ability to fully implement the new analytical technique. The Cost Analysis Division (CAD), with Charles Hunt and James Johnson leading the efforts, initiated dual software development efforts with Tecolote and Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) to develop two new tools that could complete the JCL analysis. The first tool, Joint Analysis of Cost And Schedule (JACS), was an augmentation of an existing Army tool called Automated Cost Estimating and Integration Tool (ACEIT) by Tecolote. JACS was sponsored by NASA, supported by the Army and Air Force, and developed by Tecolote, with minimal cost to NASA. The second tool was an augmentation of a US Marine Corps tool called Dynamic Integrated Cost Estimator (DICE).

The development of these tools is a great success story of how a key Agency need (JCL analysis) affecting all major programs/projects can be addressed with minimal resources through creativity and innovation. Partners were engaged from other government agencies and industry, existing tools and capabilities were utilized as building blocks, NASA’s resources were highly leveraged, and the result was a new set of tools that not only meets NASA’s needs but also those of other agencies as well as commercial customers.

Team Member Award Winners:

NASA HA Cost Analysis Division: Tom Coonce, Charles Hunt, James Johnson

HQ Honor Roll winners Charles Hunt and James Johnson with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

Booz Allen Hamilton: Eric Druker, Mike Smith, Graham Gilmer, Brandon Herzog, Colin Smith

Tecolote Research Inc.: Darren Elliott, Blaine Webber, Antonio Rippe, John Sandberg, Rod Sargent, Alf Smith

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