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Center Innovation Fund 2013 Winners
July 30, 2013


Descriptions Contact Content
Micro-cathode Arc Thruster PhoneSat Experiment Elwood Agasid Link
A New Ablative Heat Shield Sensor Suite Deepak Bose Pending
Multilayer Optimized Uniform Nanomachined Diffractive (MOUND) Solar Wrap Greg Dorais Pending
Deployable Telescope for Compact Spectropolarimeter Kim Ennico Smith Link
A New Approach to Uncertainty Reduction in Launch Vehicle Compartment Venting Lawrence Hand Pending
A 3-D Printed Microfluidic Microgravity Microbial Fuel Cell for Satellite Missions John Hogan Pending
Lunar Plants Chris McKay Link
Nanoscale Vacuum Electronics: Back to the Future? Meyya Meyyapan Link
Drill Embedded Nanosensors for Planetary Subsurface Exploration Jing Li Pending
Materials Manufactured from 3D-Printed Synthetic Biology Arrays Lynn Rothschild Link


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