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Asteroid Initiative Related Documents

FY 2014 Asteroid Strategy — April 10, 2013
Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot's Presentation on Asteroid Strategy (1.3 MB PDF)

1 October 2014 — Papers Presented at International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Toronto
› The Asteroid Redirect Mission and Sustainable Human Exploration (7 MB PDF)
› Synergies of Robotic Asteroid Redirection Technologies and Human Space Exploration (669 KB PDF)
› An Overview of NASA's Asteroid Exploration Efforts: Past and Present (399 KB PDF)
› Technology Development for NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission (5.5 MB PDF)
› Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept: A Bold Approach For Utilizing Space Resources (478 KB PDF)
› NASA's Space Exploration Planning: The Asteroid Mission and the Step-Wise Path to Mars (452 KB PDF)

30 January 2014 — Asteroid Initiative Ideas Synthesis Workshop Final Report summarizing the discussions and recommendations that emerged from the workshop.
» Download the final report (9.5 MB PDF)

30 January 2014 — Asteroid Redirect Mission Status Update Briefings

18 September 2013 — Asteroid Redirect Mission Status Update and Mission Formulation Review Technical Briefings
A status update of NASA’s preparations for an Asteroid Redirect Mission by NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot is provided.  This includes results of the Mission Formulation Review on July 30.
» Current status and overview of the Mission Formulation Review -- Robert Lightfoot, NASA HQ

Asteroid Redirect Mission study team leaders presented the following study technical results to NASA leadership during a Mission Formulation Review on July 30. Some content has been removed to comply with Export Control regulations.

Sept. 11, 2013 — AIAA Space 2013 Conference - Lunchtime Panel Moderated by Human Exploration and Operations Associate Administrator William Gerstenmaier
» NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission

June 19, 2013 — Asteroid Redirect Mission Overview Briefing:
» Asteroid Redirect Mission Overview, Presented 19 June 2013 to the Technical Panel of the National Research Council Committee for Study on Human Spaceflight (3 MB PDF)

June 18, 2013 — Industry and Partner Day Presentations:

June 18, 2013 — Asteroid Initiative RFI:
› Learn More

Technical References:
The following references are offered to potential RFI respondents as background information related to NASA's Asteroid Initiative.

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