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About the Project

Check out this video to find out what NASA Explorer Schools is all about!

NASA Explorer Schools provides educators of grades 4-12 access to NASA's people, missions, research and facilities through a comprehensive set of NASA's free classroom materials to help teach dozens of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, concepts.

Benefits of Registering to Be a NASA Explorer Schools Educator:

  • -- A searchable lesson library linking subjects you teach to NASA's innovative research and scientific discoveries.
  • -- Professional development and support to help you implement NASA lessons into your classroom.
  • -- NASA Now classroom videos featuring NASA careers and STEM concepts connected to real-world missions and projects.
  • -- Live video chats for students to ask content- or career-related questions of NASA experts during a one-hour event.
  • -- Collaboration tools for gathering and sharing ideas and resources with other NES educators and NASA staff.
  • -- Recognition opportunities for you and your students for innovative integration of NES teaching materials and exemplary use of best practices in STEM education.
  • -- Live Help Desk support to help you find what you need.

View a comprehensive set of NASA's free classroom materials found on the NASA Explorer School's virtual campus.
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Registration in the NASA Explorer Schools project is open to all educators working with students in grades 4-12 in the United States, a U.S. territory, or a Department of Defense or Department of State school. Upon registration, you will be asked to identify your position as one of the following: classroom teacher, administrator, pre-service teacher, home school educator, or other, which includes classroom support staff, informal educators and higher education staff. Participation in NES recognition opportunities is limited to U.S. citizens with a current, valid education certificate in a state or nationally accredited education institution (grades 4-12) in the United States or a U.S. territory, or in a Department of Defense or Department of State school.

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Signing up is quick and easy! Complete the online NES registration form and participate in a live orientation session event OR view the self-guided orientation session. For more information, review the NES Frequently Asked Questions, or email NES staff at the Help Desk: NASA-Explorer-Schools@mail.nasa.gov.

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