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2013 NASA Ames Virtual Poster Fair - List by Organization: Code A
August 5, 2013

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Office of the Director of Aeronautics (Code A) + Visit Website

Aerospace High Density Operations Branch (Code AFH)

Brian Andrade

San Jose State University
Verification of ATC Clearance Logs for Assessing Controller Workload


Systems Modeling & Optimization Branch (Code AFO)

Olga Agafonova
University of South Carolina
Design and Development of an Android client for the Airspace Concept Evaluation System

Philippe Kirschen
University of Michigan
Understanding the Tradeoff Between Contrail Avoidance Strategies and Increased Fuel Costs for Commercial Aviation


Aerospace Simulation Research & Development Branch (Code AFS)

Abhishek Johri
Lynbrook High School
An Approach to Automatically Test and Validate Results of Air Traffic Control Program
James Sellers
University of Kansas
Scenario Development for Real Time Air Traffic Control Simulation Environments


Flight Dynamics, Trajectory and Controls Branch (Code AFT)

Robyn Macdonald
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Investigation of Integration of Extended Formation Flight Aircraft in the NAS


Wind Tunnel Operations Branch (Code AOO)

Chris Volk
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Validation of a Non-Contact Stress Measurement System Applied to a Wind Tunnel Compressor


Experimental Aero-Physics Branch (Code AOX)

Alan Didion
West Virginia University

Karly McLaughlin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christina Middleton
Cornell University

Anechoic Chamber Wind Tunnel Nozzle Modification Design & Implementation

Stephan Kuechlin
University of Maryland-College Park
Repair and Instrumentation of the Research Test Facility
Hannah Spooner
ETH Zürich
Multipurpose Synthetic PIV
Benjamin Waxman
Stanford University
Mass Flow Rate and Isolation Characteristics of Injectors for Use with Self-Pressurizing Oxidizers in Hybrid Rockets
Katrina Hui
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Developing a Mathematical Model to Investigate the Effects of Microgravity on Fruit Flies


Aeromechanics Branch (Code AUA)

Andrew Crawford
Montana State University

Matthew Davis
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Alan Didion
West Virginia University

Robyn Macdonald
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Karly McLaughlin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christina Middleton
Cornell University

Aliyeh Mousavi
Stanford University

Abigail Sherriff
Mississippi State University

Andrew Tsoi
University of Colorado Boulder

Rotorcraft Applications for Public TranspORtation (RAPTOR)

Kevin Blackhorse
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
Examining 80- by 120- Subsonic Air Flow Quality Through Scaled Model Testing
Rachel Chow
Carnegie Mellon University
Layout and Functional Testing of Strain Gauge Instrumentation for a Swept-Tip Rotor Blade
Nakita DeVargas
Sonoma State University
Statistical Analysis of Acoustic Measurements of the Boeing SMART Rotor
Robert S. Dueball
Chabot College
Inlet Efficiency Study of the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex 80x120 Wind Tunnel
Scott Edwards
Scotts Valley High School
Modeling and Analyzing New Structures’ Effects on Airflow in the NFAC 80- by 120- Foot Wind Tunnel
Kristen Gran
Southern Oregon University
Investigation of Air Flow Disturbance and Wind Tunnel Operation Influence on Ambient Wind Conditions
Christine Gregg
University of California , Berkeley
Photogrammetry for Rotor Testing
Henna Jethani
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clean Energy Research for Implementation in NDARC
David Richard Jones
University of California, Merced
Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software for Modeling Optimal Airfoils
Michael Levy
Scotts Valley High School
Investigation of Aeromechanical Applications Including a Robotics Competition
Anurag Makineni
Lynbrook High School
Geometry-Based Visual Simulation of Rotorcraft for Design Analysis

Mary Maneth
Wichita State University
Characterization of Alternate Power Sources for Rotorcraft


David Perez
Menlo-Atherton High School
Measuring Blade Displacement with Photogrammetry
Justin Pesich
Ohio State University
Design of an Alternative Heat Transfer Approach to the High Pressure Air System in the 40X80 Wind Tunnel
Lucas Prilenski
Rochester Institute of Technology
Blade Instrumentation for Understanding Helicopter Aerodynamics and Dynamics
Alina Rai
El Camino High School
NDARC Research and HMVC Test Plan
Jessica Schwoob
San Jose State University
Visual Development of Tiltrotor Test Rig Rotor
Sumeet Singh
Stanford University
Rotorcraft Applications for Public TranspORtation (RAPTOR)

Wayne Yandell

Haskell Indian Nations University

Joshua Danny
Haskell Indian Nations University

Kirsch Davis
Navajo Technical College

Fayetta Clawson
Navajo Technical College

Jessica Williams
Northwest Indian College

Gabriel Brien
Turtle Mountain Community College

Unmanned Multirotor Applications of Renewable Energy Systems for Variable Environments


Briand B. Oaks
Portland State University
Aerodynamic Characteristics of the 80- by 120-Foot Wind Tunnel
Maya Kelley
Princeton University
Anchor Hardware Design for the TTR Calibration Rig
Guillermo Costa
Cal Poly Pomona
Design Studies of Vertical Lift Aerial Vehicles for Innovative Concepts of Operation
Andrew Crawford
Montana State University College of Engineering
Replacing X-Plane’s Flight Dynamics Engine
Thomas Cooney
University of New South Wales, Australia
Microprobe Samara Seed in Venus Environment (MiSSiVE)
Mitsuhisa Baba
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
A Hybrid Locomotion Vehicle Using Skipping and Flying for Planetary Exploration
Natalia Larrea Brito
McGill University, Canada
Mars-NeXTs: A novel Approach for Mars Exploration Using a Network of Quadrotor Tailsitters
Christopher Olinger
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Improvement of the UH-60A Airloads Data Quality Assessment Code
Faye Clawson
Navajo Technical College
Drag Effects of Corrugated Plastic Rocket Fin Design and Corrugation Orientation
Jessica Williams
Northwest Indian College
Determining the Size, Strength and Scope of a Quadcopter’s Ground Effect



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