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NASA Social: Dryden Flight Research Center to Showcase Aeronautics
NASA will host about 75 social media followers May 4 to go behind-the-scenes and learn more about NASA aeronautics projects at the agency's Dryden Flight Research Center located on Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

The event will kick off at 7:30 a.m. PDT and include tours and presentations on current aircraft and aeronautical research. Social media guests will receive an introduction to some of the laboratories and support services necessary for successful aeronautical and science projects. Highlights of the day-long event will include:
  • A brief overview and history of the Dryden Flight Research Center
  • An opportunity to see historic aircraft such as the LLRV, M2F1, X1-E, F104, F-8 Supercritical Wing, F-8 Digital Fly-by-Wire and the SR-71 Blackbird
  • A unique occasion to see and learn about current aeronautic and science projects
  • Meet NASA pilots that fly high performance, unmanned, and support aircraft
  • Participate in a discussion of sonic booms, the causes of sonic booms and the potential to experience one
  • A fun-filled day to interact with people who share a passion for NASA!

What is a NASA Social?
A NASA Social is an informal meeting of people who use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Participants at this event will be provided a unique in-person experience with NASA Dryden aeronautical projects and are encouraged to share with others through their favorite social network.

How do I register?
Registration opens at 8 a.m. PDT on Monday, April 9, and closes at noon on Wednesday, April 11. Seventy-five participants will be randomly selected from online registrations. To register, you must be a US citizen and age 18 years or older.

Do I need to have a social media account to register?
Yes. This event is designed for active social media users who follow NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and NASA on Twitter (@NASADryden, @NASA, @NASASocial), Facebook (NASA, NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center) or Google + (NASA). The goal of this NASA Social event is to allow people who regularly interact with each other via social networks to meet in person and discuss NASA's aeronautical research.

Users of all social networks are encouraged to use the hashtag #DrydenSocial and #NASASocial. Updates and information about the event will be shared on Twitter via @NASADryden and @NASASocial and via posts to Facebook and Google+.

What are the registration requirements?
Registration indicates your intent to travel to NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center located on Edwards Air Force Base in California and attend the May 4 event in person. The center is just over 100 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport. You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation, food and other expenses.

Dryden and Edwards AFB security regulations will require those who are selected to complete an additional registration step to be granted access to the facility. To be admitted, registrants must show a valid government issued ID that matches the name provided on the registration. Those without proper identification cannot be admitted. All participants will be asked to sign a photo release allowing NASA to use images or video taken during the event.

Some activities and participants scheduled to appear at the event are subject to change without notice. NASA is not responsible for loss or damage incurred as a result of attending.

Can I register if I am not a U.S. citizen?
No, NASA Dryden is a government facility with restricted access, so the event is open to U.S. citizens only.

Does my registration include a guest?
Because of space limitations, you may not bring a guest. Each registration provides a place for one person only (you) and is non-transferable.

What if I cannot come to California?
If you cannot come to California to attend in person, you should not register for this event. You can follow the conversation on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter using the #DrydenSocial hashtag. NASA will provide regular updates on all three social networks.

If you cannot make this event, don't despair; NASA is planning others in the near future. Check back for future NASA events at

When will I know if I am selected?
After registrations have been received and processed, an email with confirmation information and additional instructions will be sent to those selected and those on the waitlist. We expect to begin sending notifications on April 16.

What if the event is cancelled?
Participants will be notified by email. Attendees are responsible for any costs incurred related to canceling of the event.

Does registration for and/or attendance at this NASA Social qualify me for media accreditation? No, your registration and attendance do not qualify you for news media credentials at NASA, now or in the future.

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