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Social Media Accreditation Opens For NASA Airborne Earth Science Event
Inside the Cockpit of NASA's Aircraft

NASA is inviting social media users to apply for credentials to go behind-the-scenes of NASA’s airborne Earth science missions during a media event Jan. 25 at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Southern California. This event will provide an opportunity for participants to meet scientists, learn how they study the Earth, air pollution and climate change using specialized science instruments on a unique fleet of aircraft.

50 social media users will be selected to attend the event and will be given the same access as news media in an effort to align the experience of social media representatives with those of traditional media. NASA social media accreditation opens at 9 a.m. PST Wednesday, Dec. 5. Foreign national and U.S. social media users must apply for credentials by 4 p.m. PST Monday, Dec. 10.

Three major active Earth Science missions studying air pollution and climate change will be featured.

  • NASA’s high-altitude unmanned Global Hawk aircraft will fly six miles above the surface to a region of that atmosphere that controls the entry of pollutants and other gases into the stratosphere. NASA's Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment (ATTREX) will look at how these gases, including water vapor influence Earth's climate, ozone layer, andenergy budget.
  • Two NASA planes will fly over the San Joaquin Valley to measure air pollution this winter. They are part of a five-year NASA science campaign called DISCOVER-AQ, which is working to improve the ability of satellites to observe air quality in the lowest part of the atmosphere. The goal is to better monitor pollution from satellites, so that scientists could make better air-quality forecasts and more accurately figure out where pollution is coming from.
  • NASA's Polarimeter Definition Experiment (PODEX) will fly three different polarimeters on NASA's high-altitude ER-2 aircraft to measure aerosol and cloud physicalproperties. Tiny aerosol particles are found over every ecosystem and drift in Earth’s atmosphere from the surface to the stratosphere. They range in size from a few nanometers—less than the width of the smallest viruses—to several tens of micrometers—about the diameter of human hair. Despite their small size, they have major impacts on our climate and our health. Polarimeters show great promise for markedly improving aerosol measurements from space.

What are NASA Social media credentials?
Social media credentials give users a chance to apply for the same access as journalists in an effort to align the access and experience of social media representatives with those of traditional media. People, who actively collect, report, analyze and disseminate news on social networking platforms are encouraged to apply for media credentials. Selection is not random. All social media accreditation applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Those chosen must prove through the registration process they meet specific engagement criteria.

How do I register?
Registration opens to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals at 9 a.m. PST Wednesday, Dec. 5. All social media users must apply for credentials by 4 p.m. PST Monday, Dec. 10. Fifty participants will be selected from online registrations.

Do I need to have a social media account to register?
Yes. This event is designed for people who:

  • Actively use multiple social networking platforms and tools to disseminate information to a unique audience.
  • Regularly produce new content that features multimedia elements.
  • Have the potential to reach a large number of people using digital platforms.
  • Reach a unique audience, separate and distinctive from traditional news media.
  • Must have an established history of posting content on social media platforms.
  • Have previous postings that are highly visible, respected and widely recognized.

Users on all social networks are encouraged to use the hashtag #NASA_Airborne and #NASASocial. Updates and information about the event will be shared on Twitter via @NASASocial and @NASA_Airborne and via posts to Facebook and Google+.

What are the registration requirements?
Registration indicates your intent to travel to the NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center located on Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., and to the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale, Calif., to attend the Jan. 25 event in person. You are responsible for your own expenses for travel, accommodation, food and other amenities. You must be 18 years of age to register.

Some events and participants scheduled to appear at the event are subject to change without notice. NASA is not responsible for loss or damage incurred as a result of attending. NASA is not responsible for loss or damage incurred if the event is cancelled with limited or no notice. Please plan accordingly.

On the day of the event, registrants must show a valid government issued ID (driver's license or passport) that matches the name provided on the registration. Those without proper identification cannot be admitted.

Can I register if I am not a U.S. citizen?
Yes. Foreign nationals 18 years of age or older may register for this event.

Does my registration include a guest?
Because of space limitations, you may not bring a guest. Each registration provides a place for one person only (you) and is non-transferable. Each individual wishing to attend must register separately.

What if I cannot come to California?
If you cannot come to California to attend in person, you should not register for this event. You can follow the conversation on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter using the #NASASocial hashtag. NASA will provide regular updates on all three social networks.

If you cannot make this event, don't despair; NASA is planning others in the near future. Check for future events at

When will I know if I am selected?
After registrations have been received and processed, an email with confirmation information and additional instructions will be sent to those selected and those on the waitlist. We expect to send notifications by Dec. 17.

What if the event is cancelled?
All activities are subject to change. If the date of the event is rescheduled or cancelled, participants will be notified by email. Attendees are responsible for any additional costs they incur related to any rescheduling of the event.

Does registration for and/or attendance at this NASA Social qualify me for media accreditation?
No, your registration and/or attendance, does not qualify you for news media credentials at NASA now or in the future.

Have a question not answered here? Need more information? Help is available by sending an email to NASA Dryden Social Media