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NASA Named the 8th Most Engaged Brand on Twitter
Social logo NASA was recently recognized in Forbes Magazine and on Mashable as the 8th most engaged brand on Twitter as calculated by Nestivity, a community engagement platform for Twitter. NASA’s engagement is a direct result of the millions of members of the community of fans that follow and connect with us on social media.

NASA has been at the forefront of social media since 2008, when Jet Propulsion Laboratory created our first Twitter account, @MarsPhoenix, for the Mars Phoenix Lander. We’ve since grown and expanded our digital footprint to over 480 accounts spread across nine different social media platforms that consistently communicate our mission and engage with followers around the world.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved on social media, but the real star is NASA’s content,” said John Yembrick, NASA’s social media manager. “We tell a very unique story about exploration, discovery and innovation that connects with people from around the globe.”

To date, the @NASA twitter account has 3.9 million followers, the most in the federal government. We also maintain presences on Facebook, Google+, Flickr, and other popular platforms. NASA Socials, formerly known as NASA Tweetups, have brought thousands of people who engage with the agency via social media together for unique in-person experiences of exploration and discovery.

Since 2009, NASA has hosted over 60 NASA Socials at over a dozen locations. Attendees have had the opportunity to witness shuttle launches, spacecraft launches to the moon, Jupiter and Mars, fly an F/A-18 flight simulator and rub elbows with astronauts. Participants chosen at random from online submissions go behind the scenes at NASA facilities, take photos, ask questions and share the experience with their social media followers.

“NASA has an incredible community of fans and followers who are energized to talk about America’s space program,” said Jason Townsend, NASA’s deputy social media manager. “The community is extremely active and engaged, helping us amplify NASA’s incredible missions, people, and programs within the social media universe.”

This year, NASA's official Twitter feed, @NASA, won its second consecutive Shorty award for the best government use of social media. The Shorty Awards also recognized NASA's @MarsCuriosity account as Foursquare Mayor of the Year.

Including this year’s two awards and last year's Twitter account recognition, NASA now has five Shorty Awards. The agency also won in 2009 for its use of Twitter for the Mars Phoenix Lander mission, and astronaut Doug Wheelock was awarded the Real Time Photo of the Year in 2011 for his "Moon from Space" picture.

NASA's social media team also received the Space Foundation's Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award in 2012, which is presented annually to an individual, team or organization that has made significant contributions to public awareness and understanding of space programs.

“External recognition of our successes on social media affirms that we’re doing something right,” Yembrick said. “We have to just keep asking ourselves, ‘what’s next?’ and find new ways to reach more and more people. At the end of the day, sharing NASA’s story with as many people as possible is what we care about most. Stay tuned.”

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