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Chat Expert Bios: Jimmy Lee, Mike Galuska
Chat Expert Jimmy Lee

Prior to Jimmy Lee's current assignment, he served as the Automated Rendezvous & Docking (AR&D) project lead, held the title of project manager for the NASA-developed Advanced Video Guidance Sensor (AVGS), which successfully flew on the 2007 Orbital Express Mission. Other lead assignments at Marshall included the Hypersonic Technology Experiment (HyTex), Vehicle/Engine Integration, Vehicle and Engine Technology Development, Space Shuttle Main Engine Materials, and Metals Solidification Research. Lee is a graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham with bachelor's and master's degrees in materials engineering

Chat Expert Mike Galuska

Mike Galuska joined NASA in 1989 where he has held positions in the Marshall Engineering Directorate, Safety and Mission Assurance Office and in the Second Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle Program Office. While in the Safety and Mission Assurance Office, he was the product assurance lead for the Tether Satellite System, and the International Space Station Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules, Environmental Control and Life Support System Racks and Nodes 2 and 3. He also was the process owner for Marshall System Safety and Risk Management Processes. Galuska served as the senior systems engineer responsible for coordination and integration of the Marshall Engineering Directorate technical activities in support of the Orbital Space Plane Program. During his NASA career, he has received a NASA Exceptional Service Medal and a NASA Manned Flight Awareness Silver Snoopy Award.

Prior to joining NASA, Galuska was a mechanical and nuclear engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority in the Knoxville Engineering Office and at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. He was a mechanical design engineer on various nuclear and hydro power plants. He was also the engineering section lead for a team that preformed safety evaluations on plant changes for compliance with the baseline plant safety analysis. He earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Miami and a master's degree in engineering mechanics from the University of Tennessee.
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