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Tour the Planets: Jupiter and Venus Conjunction Live Chat
March 25, 2012

Venus and Jupiter conjunction over the moonlit ocean Venus-Jupiter conjunction. (Copyright John Mueller. All rights reserved)
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The Venus-Jupiter web chat has been completed. If you liked this chat, join us on April 21 for the "Up All Night" live Web chat to observe the 2012 Lyrid meteor shower .

In late March 2012, Venus and Jupiter will be in conjunction in the western skies, drawing closer to each other to create a beautiful visual duet for a few hours each evening.

This will be the best Venus-Jupiter conjunction for years to come. While bright to the unaided eye, they're even better when seen through a telescope - and you can share NASA's view. On March 25, NASA expert Melissa McGrath answered your questions about the 2012 Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

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More About Chat Expert Melissa McGrath

Melissa A. McGrath serves as the Chief Scientist in the Science & Technology Office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. She has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy, and a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Virginia. She is a planetary scientist who specializes in studies of the gas giant planets and their satellites, particularly Io, Europa, and Ganymede, the large satellites of Jupiter. She has been the Principal Investigator on numerous space- and ground-based science investigations, and has lectured world-wide on her scientific results. She also has extensive experience in science and technical management and leadership, having served as the Chair of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences, as an Associate Scientific Editor for The Astronomical Journal, and the Deputy Director of the Solar System Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C.

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