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NASA Nominated for Shorty Awards

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NASA's efforts on social media over the past year have been nominated for a "Shorty Award," which honor the best people and organizations on social media. These unique awards are for the social media community, by the social media community. The origins of the name "Shorty Awards" comes from the short, 140-character limit on each tweet sent using Twitter.

Social media is a tool that offers a new vehicle for NASA to interact with non-traditional audiences in a dynamic, viral conversation about space, the merits of exploring the unknown, and its relevance to everyday life here on our home planet. Social media allows citizens of this planet to converse with and learn from our scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and space travelers.

Online nominating for the Shorty Awards is now open for social media users to nominate users for excellence over the past year. The awards recognize each content creator's entire body of work, not just an individual tweet or post. Nominations are made by sending a tweet.

Voting culminates in an awards ceremony that recognizes the winners among the different official categories. Winners will be determined by a combination of popular vote and by the members of the new Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. An awards ceremony, complete with 140-character acceptance speeches, will be held in April in New York City.

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