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"This is history." - @BarackObama.

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@Astro_Mike Nominated As One of Five Finalists for Tweet of the Year

Mike @Astro_Mike Massimino became the first astronaut to use twitter before, during, and after his mission.

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Twitter is a social media tool that offers a new vehicle for NASA to interact with non-traditional audiences in a dynamic, viral conversation about space, the merits of exploring the unknown, and its relevance to every day life here on our home planet. Twitter allows citizens of this planet to converse with and learn from scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and space travelers.

Mike @Astro_Mike Massimino is NASA’s first astronaut to use Twitter before, during, and after a space shuttle mission.  STS-125, the final Hubble repair mission, captivated enthusiasts around the world. @Astro_Mike's tweets during the mission endeared him to the social media crowd.

And now, the social media world is rewarding @Astro_Mike for his willingness to step out as the first Twitternaut. His first tweet from space is one of five finalists for Tweet of the Year in this year’s 2009 Open Web Awards, Social Media Edition. The first tweet from space is up against stiff competition. Let's launch him to the top of the list.

Voting began November 18 and will extend through December 13, consisting of one vote per day per category. Winners will be announced Tuesday, December 15. You must have a social media account on Facebook or Twitter to participate. But if you do, show @Astro_Mike your appreciation for his willingness to share his experience in Zero-G with those of us left on Earth.

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